The 400 Lb. Russian

December 15, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Russian Hacking

I’m not a big fan of Lindsey Graham, but sometimes he delivers great lines. ¬†Yesterday in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, he delivered one:

“If it was a 400 lb. guy, it was a 400 lb. Russian guy.”


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4 Comments to “The 400 Lb. Russian”

  1. Is true Russian man: 400 pounds of pure bone and muscle!

  2. Was the 400lb. Russian guy living in New jersey? So that’s what Christie’s cover is. He’s just a hot and bothered short tempered Governor of N.J. Giuliani must be his handler.

  3. I’ll give it to Lindsey on that one. It’s good.

  4. Lindsey does have his moments. I liked that one during the primaries, when he said if somebody murdered Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, no one would be convicted (because they all hate him so much, and nobody would be a witness)