Thanks, FLOTUS

August 12, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Virginia is holding a civil war this morning?  White Nationalist are fighting over the removal of a Robert E Lee statue. Did we hear from the President?  The Vice President?  The Attorney General?


The only person in the White House we have heard from so far this morning is the FLOTUS.


Thank you, Melania.


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21 Comments to “Thanks, FLOTUS”

  1. Well, good on her. But when I read “FLOTUS” in your headline I of course thought of Michelle Obama.


  2. Marge Wood says:

    Can we switch to Melania? Sure, I’d rather have the Obamas in the WH but you work with what you have. Sigh. If Melania were in the Oval Office maybe we could ship Trump off for a golfing tour all over the country.

  3. if anyone in this country was under the impression that prejudice and bigotry were a thing of the past, take a look at those Nazi, white supremacists.

  4. Can’t antagonize the base! And they don’t care what she says because she’s a woman, of course.

  5. Yes. More than ever woman are exhibiting the leadership the country needs.

  6. Bannon’s plan.

  7. Melania was from Slovania, so she may have some understanding of a civil war, its effects on citizens and the long halting process involved in the aftermath.

    Her experience may be over decades, not millennia, and in Eastern Europe rather than America, but on this subject it can probably be summed up:

    Melania > President + VP + AG

  8. halting should be healing
    (early morning auto correct here in the islands)

  9. Lunargent says:

    The foreign-born trophy wife is the only one in the whole damned family displaying any statesmanship.

    Thanks, Melania. Today, you’re the only truly American Trump.

    We still don’t have a real President, but it looks like at least we have a First Lady.

  10. @Hannah: Me, too.

  11. Thank you Melania for trying to be the only Presidential one around.

  12. Sessions is probably there. Somebody check under the hood of any short guys.

  13. Orange Whore and Lyin Ryan have finally tweeted. Surprisingly, they both condemned the NaziKKK terrorists.

  14. Talking about weak reactions from people who should have come on super strong, count among them the statement of President Sullivan of the U. of Virginia. She was saddened to see the Nazi torchbearers on the University green. Being livid for the right reason, Ms. Sullivan, is neither a sin nor a crime. Maybe you ought to stick to tea parties to raise funds for the school.

  15. psychobroad says:

    No, she’s a hateful, anti-semitic misogynist. She deserves no praise.

  16. That Other Jean says:

    Everything Lunargent said. Thank you, Melania, for being more thoughtful and caring in the face of violence than your husband.

  17. lobstershift says:

    Only she’s not from the “White House.” She’s an unelected private citizen.

  18. she got the drop on her husband and beat him by spades! Just hope he does not take out his temper on her – and I mean it!

  19. Well, now, this message sounds to me as if someone on Melania’s staff wrote this for Melania’s Twitter account. Her English isn’t usually quite this pulled together, bless her heart. Whoever wrote it is certainly, as That Other Jean says, more thoughtful and caring in the face of violence than the Drumph, but almost anyone would be.

  20. Lunargent says:

    Holy crap – AGAIN??!!?!?

    But I still give her more credit than Donnie. At least she has the sense to retain a speechwriter who only plagiarizes from the best.

    Donnie still vomits out whatever nonsensical effluvia he’s fed, embellished with his own infantile adlibs.