Thank you, TEA Party

March 30, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Goat Rodeos


Who wouldda thunk it?  Juanita s perfectly delighted with the Tea Party people today, after she read this

Contrary to historical trends, the Houston Chronicle notes one of the toughest challenges facing U.S. Census officials is “not from counting the traditionally undercounted groups such as African-Americans and Latinos. Instead, a new and growing threat to an accurate national head count is coming from anti-government conservatives who may not fill out their forms to protest against ‘Big Brother’ in Washington.”

In Texas, some of the counties with the lowest census return rates are among the state’s most Republican, including Briscoe County in the Panhandle, 8 percent; King County, near Lubbock, 5 percent; Culberson County, near El Paso, 11 percent; and Newton County, in deep East Texas, 18 percent. Most other counties near the bottom of the list are heavily Hispanic counties along the Texas-Mexico border.

“Oh yes,” she whoops, “ten years after Tom DeLay tried to marginalize the Democratic Party by gerrymandering Texas to his liking, his co-hearts are going to reverse the tables by shooting themselves in the foot.”

It could not happen to a more deserving bunch of people.

“And, all the old white people don’t forget, sending in your census is the first step to indoctrinating your grandchildren to be transgendered tattooed welfare queens who smoke dope and vote Democratic.  Don’t take that risk,” she warns.


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