Thank You, Councilman, For Jumping From the Frying Pan Into the Fire

September 12, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Schertz, Texas, (think San Antonio suburbs) City Council member Robin Thompson, who is a Republican primary voter, thought it would be oh so funny to post a false meme on his Facebook page to indicate that Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups did nothing to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery.

The meme was not only false but some folks in Schertz thought it was racist.

Thompson was outraged, outraged I tell you.  To no one’s surprised, he balled up.

Thompson, who is running for re-election in November, insisted the post was not intended to be racist — although he admits he’s been accused of racism in the past.

“Tonight marks the fourth time in my life that I have been called ‘racist,” Thompson told City Council on Thursday.

Okay, so admitting this has happened before, and that you’re edging up on being a serial racist, probably does help your cause very much.

But, Thompson went on rolling and sealed the deal.  Attempting to prove to his fellow council members that he is not, no way, a racist, he explained that he used to work with a church in Georgia.

“I was called in by the leaders of the church, and forgive the language I am going to use, but it was exactly what was said to me — ‘We are firing you because you are encouraging n***ers to use our bathrooms and drink our water,” Thompson said.

Slam dunk, buddy.

That word just rolled off your lips way too easy.

Thanks to SGray for the heads up.

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12 Comments to “Thank You, Councilman, For Jumping From the Frying Pan Into the Fire”

  1. No words.
    Other than of course he’s a racist sumbitch who isn’t fit to clean public toilets (cuz he’d be on the public payroll, with benefits).

  2. Please councilman, keep talking. Not that I need to hear more, but how about a few additional examples of things you did or said which prove you are in no way a racist? I know you’re a busy man, so maybe just the first dozen or so that pop into your head?

  3. @Robin Thompson

    If the shoe fits, dude …

  4. Darn! I can’t vote there but if I could I’d hand that racist sumbitch his walking papers. Fast!

  5. Yeah, what y’all said, and . . . his CHURCH said that? WTF kind of church is that?! First United Church of the Blessed KKK?! Beyond shameful, all the way to May-you-all-rot-in-the-hell-and-damnation-you-undoubtedly-preach—to-everyone-else.

    This is exactly why numbers of Christians in America are dropping like a boulder down the side of a Rocky Mountain. Exactly.

  6. Both the Councilman and the church (????) are racist and its amazing how racists cannot figure out they are racists. Is there something in the water where they live?

  7. If you have to explain that you’re not a racist….

    Often I remember a cartoon, can’t remember whose, when Pres. Clinton wanted to have a “Dialogue About Race.” Ten or so seats on a stage, Bill Clinton at one end watching with alarm and dismay as everyone else beats the crap out of one person. Too much cartoon beat-down dust to determine race of anybody but Clinton. Caption: “The first person to say something.” Anything, really.

  8. So you tithe to a racist church, but you are individually clean of heart?

  9. So this guy thinks he’s not a racist because he was excommunicated from a church whose leaders are more racist than him. Same old story. How many people in this joint know folks who believe they’re not racist because they haven’t committed a hate crime? The concept that people like Robin Thompson have different expectations for anyone not “us” is totally lost on them. And sorry to keep flogging the same horse, but I firmly believe that rule changes allowing the rise of rush Limbaugh was the beginning of the change. I believe that decades of social upheaval and the media coverage of it was slowly humanizing Americans of all colors and walks of life. Which really pissed off a lot of folks who stood to gain one way or another from that not happening. So they spent unknown fortunes to change the rules of how our national narrative was delivered. And then the internet came along. And guess what? People started getting the information they wanted to hear. Prejudices have deepened. I wish I knew the solution to the problem. But I don’t.

  10. Oldie but still appropriate: If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and has feathers…..

  11. Warning about that metaphor Paul: It ends with it is probably a Communist.

  12. I have met the preacher man; His wife worked for the Schertz Senior Center and I remember him as ‘preacher man’. A s I remember , he was a member of the member of the Schertz (Tex) city council (must have been appointed) and I did my best to belittle both. Some saying about ‘bad pennies’.