Texas, I Love Yew: First Best Texas Breaking News of 2017

January 01, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

So, I took a break from taking down the Christmas decorations and this comes to my mailbox …

Mando is a ten year veteran of the Texas House and is also a firefighter and paramedic.

He’s in stable condition and is texting people.  That’s a hard-headed man, Honey.

Get well soon, Mando.


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10 Comments to “Texas, I Love Yew: First Best Texas Breaking News of 2017”

  1. After a start like that, Rep. Martinez deserves a Happy New Year. .

  2. Marcia in CO says:

    You would think one would feel the thump or bump of a bullet to the head … good grief!! Hard headed, indeed.

  3. Sure it was a stray? I wonder?

  4. 1toughlady says:

    Only in Texas! Happy New Year, Juanita Jean!

  5. Continued health and I hope you don’t get shot in 2017!

  6. “observed a small hole in the top left side of her husband’s head”? Excuse me? If he’s a snacilbupeR in the Texas lege, he’s had a big hole in his head for quite a while.

    Whoops, no, he’s a Dem. In that case, get well soon!

  7. WA Skeptic says:

    You tell people and you tell people “Don’t fire a weapon into the air because you don’t know where the bullet will come down and someone might get hurt” and they NEVER listen.


    Hope your Lege buddy recovers quickly.

  8. two crows says:

    Well, it IS New Year’s Day and there ARE ijits who use guns instead of fireworks. I just hope Rep. Martinez wasn’t the only one.

    If circumstances were different I might hope that the TX legislature might pick up this wake-up call and pass something to do with gun safety. But this is the US – – and um, Gabby Giffords. So, no.

  9. two crows says:

    Typo above: Instead of ” I just hope Rep. Martinez wasn’t the only one,” I meant to type “I just hope Rep. Martinez WAS the only one.”

    I’m quite sure it wasn’t a Freudian slip but . . . you can’t ever know about these things, for sure, can you?

  10. Guns shooting into the air, huh? New Year’s Eve? First and last time I ever saw anything like that was in Louisiana on Christmas Day when some ijit down the street, the one with the kennel full of dogs about as big as cows, decided to celebrate the birthday of the Prince of Peace with his rifle and shoot at clouds. Last time I was there for Christmas. And yes I do rather think a lot of myself and even more when there are ijits like him around!