Texas, I Love Yew

June 22, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Boerne (pronounced burn-ee) is a small town in central Texas.  It has Baptists, Republicans and more old people than a Metamucil sale at Walgreens.

Kyle Courtney, who owns a well water supply company, paid for this open billboard to ABC News.


Kyle says he grew up watching ABC News.  He ain’t watching any more.

Now, here’s the weird part:  there is no Kyle Courtney registered to vote in Boerne.  There’s one in San Antonio but he’s way younger than a man who claims to have been in the water well business for 30 years.  There’s not even a Courtney with the middle name of Kyle in all of Texas who is old enough to have been in business for 30 years.

I dunno.  Maybe he’s a Russian.

Thanks to Victoria for the heads up.

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14 Comments to “Texas, I Love Yew”

  1. Citizens, check your local frat houses and Young Republican clubs. This sounds like just about that level of engagement.

  2. That Other Jean says:

    Republicans don’t decry it; they generate it: FAKE NEWS!

  3. Since I wouldn’t want to call him a liar the only conclusion is that he voted illegally. Now Trump lost by 2 million and 1.

  4. Probably is with the same Russians providing democrat-based counties in Texas to be hacked.

  5. Now we have fake citizens who are fake voters, who complain if it’s not fake news.

    It’s time to get real America.

  6. Adam Eran says:

    Juanita Jean, the Kochs spent $889 million to influence the 2016 elections (“lefty” Soros spent $25 million)…so let’s just say B.S. like this isn’t short of dough.

    Take a look at this group in California, for one other example:


    According to the ever-reliable internet this libertarian-promoting group has a half-million in the bank and a staff of four. They want to make videos debating topics like “Was the Obama administration a success?” (Answer: yes, if failure was the goal).

    They do have a hilarious video on their site with actors woodenly spouting libertarian nostrums. The (attractive, clear-skinned) young man not only makes his point, he gets to date the (attractive clear-skinned) girl after doing so. Yep, even libertarians believe in Prince Charming.

    …and you thought fairy tales were for kids!

  7. Try C&C Water services. He formed a new company.

  8. Ole Kyle’s getting a lotta press over his billboard. I figured he had editorial help, because of the mostly complete sentences, even though the point is debatable.

    Kyle is on linkedin.

    C&C was fired by City of Kerrville in 2010, see

    Kyle founded Wellstar Groundwater Technologies earlier this month in SA and Boerne.

  9. Sandridge says:

    Voter records are not the be-all-end-all of finding peeps.
    There is someone (with another first/given name, then “Kyle” middle), in Boerne, living in a $400K home, w/HS exemption, no “et ux” listed (but there are some discrepancies in the data).

  10. Sandridge says:

    Yeah, Kendall County is Red, even redder than mine; and I doubt the Russkies hacked them, no need to:

    County Race Summary

    Donald J. Trump / Mike Pence REP 15,700 78.03%
    Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine DEM 3,643 18.11%
    Gary Johnson / William Weld LIB 555 2.76%
    Jill Stein / Ajamu Baraka GRN 87 0.43%
    Tony Valdivia / Aaron Barriere W-I 0 0.00%

  11. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    I am certain that Kyle is real. I’m just wondering if he did, in fact, vote.

  12. Sandridge says:

    I doan kno nuthin ’bout voter records, guess if I knew some Russkies I could find out.
    Would be nice to see him busted for voter fraud or something (but possible he votes in adjacent Comal or Bexar too, depending on home location?). Still a fact-free teabagger type for sure.

    Too bad it’s so red there now.
    Boerne and Kendall were settled by liberal German “Free Thinkers”, and devolved from there. Although the “R” pattern dates back to the Civil War and Lincoln (R), when the area favored the Union side.
    The area has been in the top ten in US growth areas. One of my kids seriously considered building their new house there.


  13. Maybe it was Kyle Biedermann, our state representative from District 73, which encompasses Comal, Kendall, and Gillespie county where I live. He owns the local Ace Hardware store which I would not set foot in now if it was the last place to buy fire ant killer on the planet. He beat Doug Miller, the Republican incumbent, to gain his seat in the last election by saying that Doug was too liberal! That’s like saying the pope is too Catholic. Ol’ Kyle has been getting a lot of flak lately in the local paper. The first thing he did after getting elected was send out a “questionaire” to Muslims in Texas that was basically a thinly disguised oath of allegiance to the U.S. What that had to do with local issues, no one could figure out. I think he’s going the Ted Cruz route trying to make a big splash in the legislature. Only problem is, he’s been voting against funding for local schools and the county school trustees wrote a scathing article in the paper this week taking him to the woodshed for it. Good times…

  14. Mother Jones' cat says:

    So, if Kyle didn’t vote, Kyle was lying when he wrote on the big billboard that he elected Trump. Kyle likes Donnie so much he even needlessly lies like Donnie. I’m getting pretty tired of these lying, cheating and thieving attention seekers.