Terry Tate Makes America Great

December 29, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Watch ’til the end.

If you’re not familiar with Terry Tate, here’s some background material:



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14 Comments to “Terry Tate Makes America Great”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    Good start, Terry. But without Donnie’s head flying off his shoulders at terminal velocity, it’s simply too nice.

  2. Protecting America, one woman at a time.

  3. That was just spectacular! Those YouTube videos are rather startling to say the least, but I love TTMAGA.

  4. Marcia in CO says:

    LOL … what a way to start my Saturday morning’s blog readings! Love It! And … oh, if only it could have actually played out that way!

  5. Had he hit Trump just a little bit harder, Terry would have thrown him under the bus. Something a great many people would cheer for.

  6. maryelle, had Terry thrown Donnie under the bus, it would have been a magnificent opportunity for fund raising. Raffle tickets for the privilege of driving the bus over Donnie. Trifecta tickets to back up the bus. Endless fundraising opportunities, until ridding the parking lot of a huge grease spot.

  7. Jane & PKM: I don’t know. Might need to hire a hazmat team to deal with that toxic grease puddle.

  8. Crude, but effective.

  9. Papa, clean up costs should be considered with any fundraising event. Due to enthusiasm the cost of additional bus tires is a must with this event. But instead of wasting funds on toxic chemicals to eradicate the toxic mess, I’m willing to give the tires their chance as both revenue producers and a green solution to the toxic grease spot. Caustic substances can alleviate grease, so maybe generate more fundraising by adding Dotard45’s administration to the under the bus effort. Kellyanne Conway alone should be able to dissolve all the fast food grease traps in America based on her caustic toxicity. For a “mere” parking lot, maybe a splotch of Ryan Zinke would be sufficient. For a truly green America, give Betsy DeVos a swim in the Hanford nuclear waste.

  10. I can’t pretend I didn’t enjoy that. If only it had been for real. If only it would happen now.

  11. I dunno. Initially it was amusing, if only for the shock value. But on further reflection, it reminded me of the one where Trump knocks Hillary down with his golf ball. And the one where Trump is beating up the guy with “CNN” over his face. People on the right thought they were hilarious and people on the left were apoplectic over the violence, real or imagined.

    Maybe it’s just me.

  12. I absolutely abhor violence, BUT there is only so much bullying America and the world can take. Time to show him some of what he has dished out. Now a bus accident, while tragic, could have been avoided had the government, under Trump, not done away with so many safety regulations. I believe this is a clear case of
    “reaping what he hath sowed.” Amen and hallelujiah!

  13. Here’s what I’d really like to say to Trump if I had the chance:


    Apologies to Momma

  14. Jane and PKM:

    KellyAnne is easily neutralized with a bucket of water. I think they should drop a house (maybe a school would be more fitting) on Betsy.


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