Ted, Don’t Do That and Other Adventures in Thinking

March 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Crazzzy Ted Cruz, who let his brain rattle around too much while running for Senate, has now decided that there is no climate change and therefore let’s screw women.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has nixed a provision in a routine Senate resolution commemorating International Women’s Day, reported Gail Collins of the New York Times in her Thursday column.

A provision in the resolution, very similar to one passed in 2011, said women “are disproportionately affected by changes in climate because of their need to secure water, food and fuel for their livelihood.”

Ted doesn’t believe that and God forbid we should help women when Ted’s sensibilities are offended in the process.

Speaking for well-coiffed women everywhere, I would just like to say that you sure do talk big for a man who voted against Sandy relief.  Did you just send a letter instead saying, “I don’t believe this weird weather happened but please make sure your women are whipped daily to keep them in line.”

If ya did, I admire your consistency.  If you didn’t, you’re over the jerk limit.

Thanks to Warner for the heads up.

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14 Comments to “Ted, Don’t Do That and Other Adventures in Thinking”

  1. Corinne Sabo says:

    THis jerk has got to go. He makes me wich Kat Bailey hadn’t retired.

  2. publius bolonius says:

    Wow! I’ll bet he always got the short crayon.

  3. I think there’s a contest between Ted and Louie to see which one can outstupid the other.

  4. OldMayfly says:

    Don’t be mean to Carnival Cruz–he can’t help it. Just retire him gently as you can at next election.

  5. Marge Wood says:

    At least we know what to expect. He also voted against the resolution supporting multiple sclerosis. I hate to admit it but I miss Hutchison too. You don’t know your blessings til they’re gone.
    Anyone have any good suggestions for next governor? How about Cecile Richards?

  6. I think Groucho summed up Ted Cruz pretty well in his song, “Whatever it is, I’m against it!”

  7. maryelle says:

    He’s a hate monger, that’s for sure. We can’t wait for the next election to get rid of him. Surely there’s proof somewhere that he’s gone so far over the line that he can be forced out or led off in handcuffs. Bueller? Anybody?

  8. BarbinDC says:

    @maryelle: First, you need to find a decent Dem candidate who knows how to run a campaign to go up against him. You can’t fight nothin’ with nothin’.

  9. A year ago, I had never heard of Ted Cruz. Today, I am sick and tired of this moron!! Wake up, fellow Texans!! Time to turn our State Blue once and for all!!!

  10. UmptyDump says:

    With apologies to Momma, but it’s about Cruz and screwing women. OMG … neuter him before he contributes any more misfits to the gene pool.

  11. Miss Prissybritches..... says:

    Let’s hope one of his daughters doesn’t grow up to become the next Liz Cheney…. of course if Ted’s other daughter grew up, came out of the closet as a Lesbian, it might be an interesting lesson in humility for that creepy b**tard. Of course she’d probably get packed off to Michelle Bachmann’s Project for Praying Away the Gay, and the general public would be none the wiser… Ted could keep up his AHole Facade.

    Hate to be such a gritch on Easter Sunday, but Ted Cruz makes my blood boil.

  12. OleScout says:

    That he is madam – way over the limit. He does blow into a breathylizer; he sucks.

  13. Blue Wolf Bosh says:

    I too hope Cruz will be voted out in the next election. Unfortunately with gerrymandering, basic insanity and other issues in too many parts of Texas, God Himself (or Herself) could run as a Democrat and people would still vote Republican. The numerous years of “public service” of slick pRick Perry attest to that.

  14. Barbara Rubin says:

    We are stuck with Cruz for SIX years. The Dems had a great candidate, Paul Sadler, experienced, a centrist. He was endorsed by EVERY major newspaper in the state. But the Democratic Senatorial Committee refused to give him a dime. It was $20 million Republican money against the $500 thousand Sadler could raise for himself. NOW Battleground Texas (natl money) is offering $20 to “turn Texas blue.” Where were they when we NEEDED them. We are going to watching the Cruz nonsense for YEARS!