Takeover at WH Complete

March 07, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Yesterday, just moments after ExxonMobil announced a $20 billion spending program in the Gulf of Mexico, the White House released a statement that copied the company’s press release virtually word for word.  It seems that Tillerson’s former company has accomplished taking over the White House, even to the point of issuing its press statements.



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7 Comments to “Takeover at WH Complete”

  1. Originality never was Trump’s strong point; i.e., he is aping Mussolini. Not surprised he “recycled”.

  2. two crows says:

    But, of course, Melania wrote her own speech. Any similarities to Michelle Obama’s are purely coincidental. Here’s their explanation in a nutshell: “Words are common. Everybody uses words! Michelle used words. Melania used words. Why is everyone picking on us all the time?”

    The same “explanation” will be trotted out in this instance.

    Wait for it . . . .

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    Wish I could say we didn’t see that one coming. But Rexxon Tillerson as Sec State sort of was a dead giveaway.

    We’re still e-mail wrestling with our “Dear Dean” Heller. As in “oh really Dean, Donnie deserves to appoint his cabinet.” And, should those appointees be bomb throwing incompetents with highly visible self serving conflict of interest agendas, we should just roll over like you?

    WMDBS commentators our next mission is to chump shame Dean into not confirming Neil Gorsuch. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Facts you have found in his writings beyond that ridiculous Hobby Lobby stunt of monumental legal obfuscation would be most helpful. TIA

    😀 Too bad Neil isn’t pronounced like nihilist rather than Neal. We could call Dean and shout “No Neil, No Heil.”

  4. maryelle says:

    On they go, destroying our economy, our environment and our
    lives, and so obviously too. They really do think we are as dumb as they are.

  5. JAKvirginia says:

    Oh, look! Some of Exxon’s words spilled onto our Gulf of Mexico press release. How did that happen? Another clean-up? Sigh…..

  6. I saw Tillerson’s fat face on the news last night. Orange Whore thinks Tilly looks the part. With his bloated, rubbery, ruddy face he looks like he ought to be playing a crooked Southern politician. Oh wait, he is!

  7. Marge Wood says:

    I lay awake a lot last night, worrying about our country and the various needs of it.