Quick! Somebody Give Jeff Sessions Some Drugs

July 13, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Jeff Sessions is real worried about drugs.  The damn government is crashing down around him and Nero Sessions is real worried about pot.

When Willie Nelson was told that Jeff Sessions said that pot is “only slightly less awful than heroin,” Willie philosophied (yeah, I made up that word.  It’ a good word.  Willie is a philosopher.) …

I wonder if he’s tried both of them. I don’t think you can really make a statement like that unless you tried it all. So I’d like to suggest to Jeff to try it and then let me know later if he thinks he’s still telling the truth!

Yesterday, Sessions made the argument that all we need to do is bring back the DARE program in schools because it “was working” when we had it.  The best response?


Radel was caught buying cocaine in 2014 from an undercover agent in Washington and spent nearly a month in a rehabilitation facility.