Can’t Call the White House Anymore? No problem.

January 27, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

One of the first things that TwitterFinger did last Friday was to order the shutdown of the White House comment line where you could call to express an opinion about issues that were important to you.  The number, 202-456-1111, now has a recording that says it’s “currently closed” and to leave an opinion via Facebook or the White House website.  Contrary to his assertions of turning the government back to the people, he’s actually trying to take it away from the people, and shutting down the phone line is just one step in that process.

But worry not.  There is a solution! As we all know, Cheeto Jesus has refused to disentangle himself from his businesses which puts him in direct conflict with law and the Constitution.  However, there is an upside to him owning this vast network of businesses.  These businesses, since they are directly connected to him, are actually individual White Houses.  When CJ’s business partners want to contact him, they don’t call the White House, they call the business in which they have interest.  So, we can do the same thing!

White House Inc. built by the same folks who ran Bernie Sanders digital campaign, is the solution for you to reach the, uh…erp, president through his businesses.  All you do is put in your name, phone number and email address and you will receive an automated call that will then randomly connected to one of his businesses.  You may get a startled reservations clerk, but you can give your opinion about whatever issue that’s important to you.  It’s the same thing as calling the comment line and speaking to a volunteer, since whoever is answering these calls is directly connected to their employer.  Give it a try!