And, Again, Trump Doesn’t Have Any Idea What That Word Means

March 16, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, so this week two additional federal judges ruled against Trump’s immigration plan.

Trump’s statement?

“This is, in the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial overreach. … This ruling makes us look weak,” the president declared before appearing to vow to take the issue to the Supreme Court.

Thing #1:  Uh, it’s not unprecedented and do you want to know why?  Because a judge ruled against it two weeks ago. To be unprecedented, it has to have never happened before.

But then again, maybe he meant unpresidented.  Yeah, he probably did mean that.

Thing #2:  Makes “us” look weak?  No, Honey, it makes you look weak. It makes you look like you make crazybutt statements and promises that you cannot keep because you’re weak.

Thanks to Bryan for the heads up.

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