Comey’s Memos

May 18, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

As we all know by now, fired former FBI director James Comey left a paper trail of his conversations with Cheeto Jesus that will likely be damning to this president and carry great weight in the investigation of his and his cronies’ ties to the Russians.  Yesterday, though, there was a new twist to the story.  Pamela Brown is reporting on CNN that even though Comey routinely documented his conversations with Trump, he didn’t do so with his conversations with President Obama.  The reason?  Brown said,

“Even though he liked to create paper trails through his years at the Justice Department and the FBI, it was not common practice for him to document conversations with senior officials unless he thought it was significant. Conversations that Comey had with Trump he documented. In one memo, Anderson, he included a description of the President talking to him about crowd size at the inauguration. The source I spoke to said Comey did not do this with President Obama in part because he had fewer one on one conversations with the president, and as the source said, in Comey’s view, there was no need to document the conversations with people that are truthful or situations that are routine.”

Have a look: