Such a Blessing

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Trump’s First Cabinet Meeting —



Y’all, I consider this his eulogy and it’s real sweet of him to get that behind us so we don’t have to sit around thinking of nice things to say about him after he leaves.

Groveling is not a pretty sight.  Rick Perry spoke thusly —

“Mr. President, an honor to be on the team,” Perry told Trump, a man he branded as a “cancer on conservatism” when he ran against him for the GOP presidential nomination. “This last week, I had the great privilege to represent America in China at the Green Energy Ministerial. Good timing. They needed to hear why America was stepping away from the Paris Accord and they did. And that America is not stepping back but we’re stepping into place and sending some messages that we’re still going to be leaders in the world when it comes to the climate, but we’re not going to be held hostage to some executive order that was ill thought out.

“So my hat’s off to you for taking that stand,” Perry told the president who rescued him from a Round Top retiree’s life. “And for sending a clear message around the world that America is going to continue to lead in the area of energy.”

Oh Lord, ” … And that America is not stepping back but we’re stepping into place and sending some messages that we’re still going to be leaders,” the one person in the world who understood that was Donald Trump.


Outrage over Julius Caesar; but Wait…

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It’s been all over the news this weekend.  Shakespeare in the Park is presenting a new version of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, with the Roman ruler looking almost identical to Trump, complete with idiotic combover and 3 foot long red tie.  As in the original script, his is violently dispatched in the middle of the play.  Cue the outrage in 3-2-1…it came spewing out of every pore of the right wing noise machine, and DJT Jr. even chimed in on The Twitter, asking if taxpayer money was used to fund the production.  The furor was so fervent that sponsors, Delta Airlines and Bank of America caved and pulled funding, afraid to offend Trumpists.

But, THAT, of course, is not the only modern version of Julius Caesar performed in

Guthrie Theater, Dowling Studios

recent years.  In 2012, director Rob Melrose produced a version with an Obama lookalike as the famed Caesar.  It was also performed in New York by the Acting Company.  And yes, that Caesar was also violently dispatched in mid play.
The difference between 2012 and 2017?  The noise machine is now going nuts when in the previous production we heard nothing but crickets.  “Thine hypocrisy will be thy downfall.”

Or something like that.

Culinary Scandal

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File under “Long Ago in a Galaxy Far Away”…

If you’re like me, you’ve run out of words to describe the slow motion train wreck that is today’s White House.  Shocked.  Stunned. Astonished. Embarrassed.  Humiliated. Outraged. Aggrieved. None of those words sufficiently describe the relentless onslaught on our senses these last months as The. Worst. President. In. U.S. History. eviscerates virtually every tradition, custom, and law that governs our executive branch.  Common decency suffered a quick death at 12:01 on January 20th.  After that, this walking, talking violation of the Constitution has been urinating all over our society while stuffing his pockets full of foreign money.  Have I described this administration accurately?  I believe I have.

So.  Let’s go back to this same point in Barack Obama’s first term.  He was also dealing with a HUGE scandal himself.  The scandal?  He went out for a hamburger with his pal, VP Joe Biden and dared to order his burger with dijon mustard.  That’s right, folks, that sissy latte’ sipping secret Muslim from Kenya dared to order a traditional American dish with a French mustard.  Outrageous.  The noise machine lit up, lead by the knuckle dragger, Sean Hannity.  Have a look:

That same noise machine today (what’s left of it) is whistling past the grave yard, defending Trump and his mob buddies for cozying up to despots and hackers.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if characters from The Empire showed up as Trump surrogates on national television.

Boy, Can Trump Pick ’em

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You remember that idiot doctor in New York, right?  You know, Dr. Harold Bornstein, the one who published the letter about Trump’s health that said,

“If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

Everyone, even conservatives, laughed at that one.  Well, it happened again today, sort of, when Trump’s lawyer issued a two-page statement of lies saying Trump has been “completely vindicated” by James Comey’s testimony today.  It’s exactly the kind of manure that regularly issues forth from Trump’s team, but THAT is not the real entertainment value here.  The actual entertainment value is that this lawyer, personal counsel to the President of the United States, misspelled the word president.  No, really, he misspelled the word president.  Here it is, for all to see.

Trump can sure pick ’em.  LOL.

There are No US Attorneys

June 07, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Right after Cheeto Jesus’ inauguration, half of the country’s US attorneys resigned.  For a reason known only to him, Trump then fired all the others.  Monday, during his almost daily Twitter rage, he bitterly complained that Democrats were holding up his nominations.  The problem?  There aren’t any nominations for Dems to block.  That’s right, folks, Trump has not nominated ONE new US attorney, and there are no US attorneys on duty in any city of the United States.  The speculation is that no competent attorney is willing to subject him or herself to such a career-ending decision.

Mr. Law & Order is actually Mr. Head Up His Ass (sorry, Momma), but it didn’t take a Phd in politics to figure that one out.

Just in Case You Missed It…

May 31, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Holy Crap, Trump

This from the NY Times – Trump’s coat of arms that is plastered all over his golf courses, hotels, and other sleazy properties that carry his name is actually stolen from the family that built Mar-a-Lago in Florida.  The symbol was granted by British authorities in 1939 to Joseph Edward Davies, the third husband of Marjorie Merriweather Post, who built the estate now owned by His Orangeness.  One minor change, though – in place of the banner that says “Integritas” (Latin for integrity), it now says “Trump”.  Now, that is the definition of irony, and marks Trump yet again as the King of Cheesy Fake Crap.

One bit of good news is that the stolen symbol is only used in the US.  Both Scotland and England denied his right to use it in their countries since they regard stealing other families’ heraldry as cheesy, too.