Trump Turns on Kushner

November 01, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Impeachment

Ooo.  Pop some popcorn and chill the beer.  Trump is apoplectic and turns on Kushner, Stone tries to get Trump to trump up (no pun intended) a BS federal investigation of the Uranium One deal.  Beginning of the end?

Trump’s Next Stunt

October 21, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

It’s becoming clear that Trump is getting ready to pull some stupid (read dangerous) stunt in the next couple of weeks.  This morning, he tweeted that next Thursday, he is releasing all classified documents about the Kennedy assassination investigation.  The documents are believed to be a treasure trove for historians (and conspiracy theorists) and should cause quite an uproar.  This tweetnouncement comes on the heels of a puzzling WH announcement yesterday that Trump has signed an amendment to GWB’s Executive Order 13223 signed in 2001 right after 9/11.  The original order was given to activate the ready reserve of armed forces and the expand the authority of the Secretary of Defense as he was ginning up the “War on Terror”, meaning he was going to attack Iraq.

When Trump signed the amendment yesterday, questions started flying about what it meant.  No one really knew, until word got out this morning that Trump signed the order so the Air Force could recall 1,000 pilots.  That’s right, kids, 1,000 pilots who’ve moved on in their lives are being recalled.

This goofy sumbitch is going to start a real live rootin’ tootin’ shooting war to distract from the FBI investigation and the chaos that has become a part of our daily lives.  Oh, and there’s this little detail:  There are 3 special elections coming up in November and December to take Jeff Sessions seat in Alabama, Jason Chafetz seat in Utah, and Tim Murphy’s seat in Pennsylvania where Dems stand a chance of gaining ground on the Repubs prior to the 2018 elections.  In Alabama, the Repubs nominated lunatic and weirdo who wears a tiara on his cowboy hat, Roy Moore, to run against Dem Doug Jones who wasn’t give a prayer to win even a month ago.  Now, the latest poll, conducted by none other than Fox Noise, has Jones TIED with Moore.  Is it because Jones is that strong?  Not likely.  It’s more like, as written by John Archibald wrote in, Roy Moore is falling in the polls because,

“…every time Roy Moore speaks, Roy Moore comes out of his mouth. And as history has shown, the more Moore is heard, the more Alabamians – even staunchly conservative, deeply religious, red-on-red Alabamians – begin to have doubts.”

If Alabama goes to the Dems, that makes the Senate 51-49, making control even more possible for the Dems in 2018. Repubs always do better in elections when the government has voters terrified of dark skinned scary people, especially when those dark skinned scary people don’t like the US.

Am I saying that Donald Trump is going to start a shootin’ war to distract from his own troubles and get Republicans elected to Congress?  That’s EXACTLY what I’m arguing.  Even in the chaos that is today’s US government, patterns emerge.  And one pattern that is clear is that Trump will do ANYTHING, (like releasing controversial classified material or starting a war) no matter how many people will get killed or lives destroyed to make himself feel or look better, at least in his own mind.

And I’ll bet you a loaf of my homemade bread and a case of my home brewed beer that I’m dead on with this one (no pun intended).

Drowning in Lies, Surrounded by Fake

October 14, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

As if we needed yet another example of Trump’s pathological lying, I feel compelled to bring this one up because it was easily disproved and stands as a remarkable example of the magnitude of Trump’s lies for everyone to see on national television.

Now, stay with me here; this is Renoir’s Two Sisters on the Terrace, painted in 1881 and bequeathed from the estate of Mrs. Lewis Larned (Annie Swan) Coburn to the Art Institute of Chicago in 1933.  It has been in the Institute’s permanent collection since, traveling the world, loaned to museums for exhibitions.

Now looky here; over Pence’s shoulder during a national television interview in Trump Tower shortly after the election is…wait for it…Renoir’s Two Sisters hanging right there on the wall.  How can that be?  Yes, that’s right; Trump the “billionaire” has a counterfeit painting right there in his home and shown on national television.

Likewise, nude model Melania Trump used the fake Renoir as a backdrop during a television interview with Gretta Van Susteren:


Oh, but it gets better; it gets a lot better.  Is he just ignorant enough to think he bought a masterpiece when he actually bought a fake?  Does he expect people to not know the difference?  Or just he not care?  Like so many issues surrounding the dumpster fire of the Trump administration, the answer is not that simple.  Vanity Fair reported a story about the painting this week in an interview with Tim O’Brian, who recently published TrumpNation, a biography of his orangeness.  O’Brian recalled two conversations with Trump years ago when he rode on his plane for an interview.  The fake Renoir was hanging on the wall of Trump’s plane.  He asked Trump if it was an original, to which Trump answered yes.  O’Brien corrected him that it’s not real since the actual painting is owned by the Art Institute of Chicago.  O’Brien reports that Trump simply argued that this was the original.  O’Brien dropped the subject.  More telling, the very next day when they boarded the plane again, Trump said, “You know, that’s an original Renoir”. Wisely, O’Brien chose to just let it go.

The torrent of lies that issues forth from Trump’s mouth is simply not normal.  It’s also exhausting to have to keep pointing out those lies, but it is something we must continue to do.  When the lie is so easily debunked it mandatory that we point out such outrageous falsehood.

Just like his cheating at golf, erecting fake historical markers, selling cheap Made in China clothing, and swindling partners, investors, and contractors, displaying fake paintings as original opens a window into Trump’s soul.  The problem, of course, is that when you look through that window, there is no soul to see.

Prescription for Chaos

October 12, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Healthcare

In an idiotic ceremony today, Trump hurled a blazing molotov cocktail into the nation’s health insurance program by abruptly ending $7 billion of subsidies that make insurance affordable for millions of Americans.  Every health organization opposed the move, but he predictably did it anyway, and all the normal morons showed up at the WH today to celebrate killing off poor Americans.

Trump has already cut the enrollment period for 2018 in half, cut the advertising budget by 90% and slashed the navigator program which helps people enroll.  Even though the ACA survived repeal by the knuckle draggers in Congress, it looks like Trump was the useful idiot who signs everything put in front of him, and he did it again today.

Hopefully, when the program implodes, voters will understand who did it, but I’m not holding my breath.

Trump Disrespects Flag During Retreat

October 12, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Yes, it was one of those You Just Can’t Make This Up moments.  Here’s Cheeto Jesus, in all of his self-aggrandized glory, spouting bullshit to Sean Hannity about how NFL football players are “disrespecting the flag and the troops” by not standing for the national anthem.  AND, he’s using an Air National Guard hangar in Pennsylvania packed with super patriot supporters as his super patriot backdrop.  But that’s not the funny part.

Here’s the funny part – At the very moment Trump is railing at Hannity, Retreat begins playing on the base loudspeakers.  Retreat is played at military bases when the flag is being lowered.  Military personnel are supposed to stand at attention, and if outdoors, salute.  Civilians are to stand silently with their hands over their hearts.  What does Trump do?  He keeps laughing and talking, even remarking, “What a nice sound that is, are they playing that for you or for me?”  Then he says, “They’re playing that in honor of his ratings,” gesturing towards Hannity. “He’s beating everybody.”  There’s a video of the disaster here.

As I said, you just can’t make this up.  Here’s the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES at a military base hurling invective at players for “disrespecting the flag” at the VERY MOMENT he’s actually disrespecting the flag while he laughs and jokes.

What an ass.


Bannon: Trump has a “30% Chance of Making a Full Term”

October 11, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Holy Crap, Trump

Vanity Fair has just published a scathing piece about Trump saying that officials in the White House talk more and more openly about how Trump has become unhinged; has “lost a step”; is being isolated by Kelly; “hates everyone” in the White House.  There’s even talk of the Cabinet voting to remove him.

Most significant in this piece, though?  Bannon is quoted as giving Trump a “30% chance of making it a full term”.  Now, THAT is impressive.