He Even got His Doctor to Lie

January 17, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Alternative Facts, Trump

Following up on JJ’s earlier post:  Trump even has to brag about his height.  During the campaign, he boasted that he’s 6′ 3″.  During the briefing on his health today, the doctor reported that he’s 6′ 3″.  Oh, and that he weighs 239 lbs.  At those stats, Trump’s body mass index (BMI) is 29.9 which classifies him as “overweight”.  The BMI that would classify him as obese?  30.  Trump’s driver’s license says that he’s 6′ 2″.  I actually met him about 10 years ago during a pro-am golf tournament, and I can assure you he’s not 6′ 3″ and would be on his toes to be 6′ 2″.

It gets better.  It gets a lot better.  Jeb Bush actually IS 6′ 3″.  Here’s a picture of Jeb and Trump side by side at one of the debates:

Trump is 6′ to 6′ 1″ tops, but for argument’s sake, let’s grant him 6′ 2″.  Why does it matter?  At 6′ 2″, his BMI  is 30.68 which the NIH classifies as obese.  Tonight, though, Colbert took another perspective.  At the 6′ 3″ height, 239 is ONE POUND shy of obese.  He speculated that Trump said, “Hey Doc, this roll of 100s weighs about one pound, and it’s yours.”

Today during the briefing, the doctor couldn’t even pass the straight face test on questions of Trump’s diet, claiming that “the President just has good genes.”  Colbert quipped, “Yeah, good genes.  He just can’t get into them.”

Trump actually got a US Navy doctor from Walter Reed Medical Center to lie about the president’s physical and mental condition.

And the Floodgates Open

January 13, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

A second porn star has corroborated the story about the first porn star.  No one is surprised, and I believe this is just the beginning.

You knew it would happen.

Uh, Well…Sorry Momma, There’s No Other Way to Say This

January 11, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Trump had a bipartisan meeting today in the Oval Office to talk about immigration reform.  After lawmakers proposed changes to immigration policies for African countries, El Salvador and Haiti, Trump said, and I quote:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

Afterward, the comment hung in the air like a fart in the middle of a church service.  The meeting had been impromptu, arranged by Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin this morning by phone.  They thought they would just be meeting with Trump, but when they arrived, they found anti-immigration extremists Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) were already there.  Apparently, after the meltdown on live television yesterday, congressional Repubs are riding herd on Trump to keep him from agreeing to things they don’t like.  The White House had no comment to elaborate on Trump’s statement.

Anyhoo, sorry Momma.  They made me do it.

Best Tweet of Saturday

January 07, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

You’ve all read it – Trump calls himself  “a very stable genius” on the Twitter. Setting aside the stupidity of that and other idiotic tweets yesterday, the entertainment value of responses was very high.  The Hill summarized some of those responses, and here’s my favorite:


Day of Distraction

January 05, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Russian Hacking, Trump

Michael Wolff’s new book is dominating the airwaves and has all week.  Except on Fox Noise, of course.  The release date of the book was moved up to today, and Trumpland is doing everything it can do to increase sales, including threatening the author and his publisher as well as slandering everyone who spoke ill of Trump.  Steve Bannon, the Darth Vader of political strategy, has been renamed Sloppy Steve by His Orangeness.  Amongst all this firestorm, other news has been announced today, and the timing is just a little coinkydink:

The FBI has announced that it has reopened an investigation of the Clinton Foundation.  This comes after months of Trump screaming about “Crooked Hillary”, and demanding the FBI investigate what’s already been investigated ad nauseam. Word got out today of the investigation, apparently leaked by, you guessed it, congressional Republicans.  Second, Senate Republicans have made the very first criminal referral in connection to the Russia interference investigations against…wait for it…Christopher Steele, the retired British intelligence agent who wrote the famous dossier about Trump’s relationship with the Russians.  That’s right, folks…the VERY FIRST CRIMINAL REFERRAL from Republicans in the Trump-Russia investigation is against the guy trying to expose Trump’s collusion with the Russians.

The fact that these two announcements come on the same day as the release of Fire and Fury is, like I said already, purely a coninkydink.  Nothing to see here…move along.

Cat Doing the Dishes

January 05, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Stay with me here…I’ve been reading with great glee all of the excerpts of Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury, Inside the Trump White House, and have so far read nothing that didn’t ring true to me.  I mean, come on – Trump is a heavily made-up, feeble minded, thin skinned, narcissistic caricature of what we all understand to be “presidential”.  Trump has none of the characteristics of a successful politician (or successful businessman for that matter); he’s volatile; he’s taken to repeating his repetitions; he lies when it’s easier to tell the truth.  He’s fake to the core.

I’ve found the firestorm around this book to be highly entertaining and some of the editorial content of the talking heads is just as much fun.  One of those is this morning’s piece in the New York Times by Michelle Goldberg titled…wait for it…Everyone in Trumpland Knows He’s an Idiot.  She writes of several anecdotes in the book about how Trump went around his handlers and unilaterally fired James Comey over the Russia investigation.  She quotes Wolff about that decision, “In presidential annals, the firing of F.B.I. director James Comey may be the most consequential move ever made by a modern president acting entirely on his own.”

But more importantly, she makes the point that Trump is wholly and totally incapable of executing the job of the presidency, and EVERYONE knows it.  His failing mind, his obsession with striking back at every perceived slight, no matter how small, and his erratic decision making are all clear evidence of his incompetence.  Dozens of staffers have enabled him, assuring themselves and each other that they can manage him, when, in fact, no one can manage him, including himself.

Best line of the piece, though, came in the summation – Goldberg says,

“Trump, Wolff’s reporting shows, has no executive function, no ability to process information or weigh consequences. Expecting him to act in the country’s interest is like demanding that your cat do the dishes.”

Now, THAT is a great bit of wordsmithing, I must say.  Oh, and I’m trying to put my hands on a copy of the book today.  It should make for great fireside reading this weekend.