The Incredible Disappearing White House

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From Vox:

Too good not to share.

Trump Just LOVES Sculpture…Now

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I won’t nauseate you be repeating all of the nonsense spewing forth from Donald Trump’s mouth and fingers these last few days except for the tweet about Confederate monuments:

Today, he’s really, really concerned about the removal of “beautiful statues…”. Never mind that these “beautiful statues” are of racists, oppressors and treasonous turncoats.  Not only is his criticism historically and factually misdirected, he is ignoring his own malfeasance when it comes to preserving sculptures.  Back in 1980, Trump was getting ready to build the building that put his name on the map, none other than Cheeto Tower on Fifth Avenue.  The building was to be built on the site where the Bonwit Teller building stood.  The building had beautiful art deco friezes, which Trump publicly promised to preserve and donate to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I know you’ll be shocked by this, but he lied.  When he found out that preserving the sculptures would delay construction of his monument to himself by two weeks, he ordered the sculptures jack hammered into a million pieces.  Nice.  Here’s what they looked like before Trump struck:


Here’s the detail:

Yep, these are gone, replace by this:

So, Trump’s crocodile tears over taking down Jim Crow era statues of bigots and oppressors are a little lost on me.

As if you needed another reason to be appalled, I’m happy to help.

Rats Off a Sinking Ship

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After Cheeto Jesus’ inauguration, he announced with great fanfare two councils of CEOs all designed to Make America Great Again, whatever that means.  The two councils, the Manufacturing Council and the Strategy & Policy Forum, were supposedly organized to help shape policy to increase business and generate jobs for American workers.  In reality, though, they were simply figurehead in nature, designed to reward CEOs for supporting Trump.  In fact, to my knowledge the councils never actually met outside of the initial photo ops, and were just used to raise the profiles of its members.

All that puffery came crashing down the last few days after Trump’s catastrophic response to the violence in Charlottesville, defending neo-Nazis and racist white supremacists and attacking the media for simply asking questions.  In the face of this disaster, CEOs began bailing from the Manufacturing Council. Today, the Strategy & Policy Forum met in a conference call, and in the face of a crowd of CEOs ready to resign, they disbanded.  Later, through Twitler, Trump also disbanded the Manufacturing Council.  I guess he decided that the defections were simply too glaring to gloss over.

This development is not insignificant.  Think about it – Trump rode to the WH on the backs of bigots and the ignorant; but worse, he also rode on the shoulders of business executives who were so self interested in stuffing their wallets even more full that they allowed themselves to be used to elect a depraved carnival barker.  These very same executives are now fleeing like rats off a sinking ship.

Trump Casino Blocked Due to Mob Connections

August 16, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Breaking from Australia – In newly released documents from Australia, the New South Wales police board recommended against a bid by a Trump partnership to build a casino in Sydney due to his mafia connections.  The documents, made public today, quoted the police board as saying a casino owned and run by the Trump partnership would “be dangerous”.

One more drip in a thousand drips becoming a tsunami.

Because This Crap Makes Me Crazy

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The Twitter Machine catches this one from Newt Gingrich.


I swear to all that is sparkling, Newt Gingrich is bean dip dumb.

Look, it ain’t brain surgery or even Vatican Ambassadorship smart. Trump is not accused of committing any crimes in West Virginia. If he ever is, there will be a grand jury there.

I got a speeding ticket in Bastrop once and that’s where it went to trial, even though I have far more friends in Del Rio.  Whine, whine, whine.

Soon enough, a grand jury may be empaneled in New York for Trump’s financial crimes, where Trump only got 36% of the vote.  I’m sure Newt will whine that it should be empaneled in Alabama where Trump got 63% of the vote, except that they couldn’t find 12 people in Alabama who know how a checking account works.

West Virginia?  Hell, let’s just move it to Mar-a-Loco so Newt will think it’s fair.


Making America Great Again

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Does this remind you of anyone we both know?