Rick Perry Lets Trump Grab Him By The Pussy

July 30, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Oh, y’all.  Rick Perry is the only person in America who supports Trump’s Tweetpolicy.


He doesn’t just support it.  He totally supports.  Totes.  Totally totes.

“The idea that the American people need to be paying for these types of operations to change your sex is not very wise from a standpoint of economics,” he continued. “I think the president makes some good decisions about making sure that we have a force that is capable.”

Col. Moris Davis responds.



Okay, just so you know.  Medical care for transgender soldiers would cost about 1% as much as the military spends on bands. Yeah, bands. Music. It is estimated that medical support for transgender service members would cost anywhere between $2 – $4 million.  Trump’s travel to Mar-a-Loco cost $20 million for his first 80 days in office.  The military spent $41 million on Viagra alone.

So, the reason Perry supports it cannot be economics nor will it ever be.  Perry is once again trying to certify his heterosexual credentials.  He’s just reminding you that he is not gay. Not gay. Not one little bit gay. Nada gayo.

And that Trump can grab him any place, any time, any where.

Thanks to Tony for the heads up.