Mean Sumbitches

July 22, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

While we are waiting for any one of the scenarios where Trump gets dumped (see El Jefe below), I have a little entertainment for you.

It appears that Republicans are mean sumbitches.

A 59 year old man who lives right outside San Antonio has taken an unbridled dislike of Texas Senator Ted Cruz to epic levels.

James Amos Headley is a big Donald Trump supporter, so he called Ted and left a helpful voicemail message on his office phone.

Pretty soon you’re gonna be runnin for your life, just hope your family is not with ya because I’m not gonna insult them, I’m gonna kill them, right after I shoot you right in front of them…” court documents quote Headley as saying in a July 11 voicemail left at the official’s office at the U.S. Capitol.

You know that’s from a Texas Republican because even their voicemail has bad punctuation.

Healey has been arrested and put in jail.  When he gets out, somebody needs to let him know that if he gets an itch to shoot something, squirrel hunting is legal in Texas and you can hardly tell the difference between Ted and a squirrel.

Thanks to Sue for the heads up.


Cruising for a Bruising

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Ted Cruz decided to spend the 4th of July in McAllen, Texas.  McAllen is home to about 130,000 people and is 85% Hispanic.

Cruz did not have fun at the parade.  He, of course, was met by protesters.  When you go to a highly Hispanic and Democratic city along the border and you favor sending half of most family back to Mexico, it’s kinda unlikely that they want you to be Grand Marshall of the parade.

Y’all, seriously, I think the boy was lost.  Or dunk.  I dunno.


“Ted Wants Us Dead,” was a favorite chant.  My personal favorite sign? “No transfer of wealth 4 our health.”

Cruz referred to the protesters as a “small group of people on the left who right now are very angry.”  Small?  Did he say small?  Honey, only 12% approve of the senate healthcare bill.  Who looks small now?

Thanks to Deb for the heads up.

Sally Yates for President

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Cruzing Underground

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a man with a plan.  He wants El Chapo to pay for the border wall.


Cruz even made a cute little graphic to cut and paste on your refrigerator door.


(Banging my head against my keyboard.) Duh, Cruz, El Chapo escaped by tunneling UNDER A WALL, but thank you for reminding everybody that walls don’t work.

Thanks to Deb for the heads up.

Jeff Sessions Blinks UPDATED

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Okay, there is something wrong with Sessions.  I’m watching Dick Durbin question him.  He blinks once a second for about 10 seconds, then he doesn’t blink at all the next 20 seconds.  It’s weird.

Sessions is running away from his record faster than a bullet with legs.  He says, “The AG just enforces the laws so how I voted doesn’t matter.”

Now I’m watching John Cornyn kiss Sessions butt.

Who else is watching?


1:05 Texas Time – Ted Cruz is using his entire time to give speech bashing Democrats for the past 8 years and the Democrats on the committee.  The good part: no way in hell they’ll put him on the Supreme Court now.  He’s dripping in sarcasm.


Well, They Got The First Four Words Right In This Headline

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Y’all, Ted Cruz.  The Washington Times is a rightwing newspaper.



It appears that Ted Cruz has taken an interest in African Americans for the first time in his life.

Mr. Cruz wrote a letter to Smithsonian leaders on Monday, saying they “made a mistake by omitting the enormous legacy and impact” of Justice Thomas from the recently opened museum in northwest Washington.

“I became deeply disturbed upon learning that Justice Thomas’s moving story and incredible contributions to the country are not even mentioned, much less discussed in detail in the museum,” the Texas Republican wrote. “Making matters worse, the only reference to Justice Thomas is in regard to a single individual’s controversial accusation against him at his Senate confirmation hearing twenty-five years ago.”

Okay, okay, I’m betting that Cruz has not been to the museum. I am also willing to bet that poor ole Clarence could not get even one black person to complain and the best he could do is a Cuban/Canadian/Idiot.

By the way, Cruz does know that Anita Hill is black, too, right?