The Drinking Game Continues

November 11, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

When Trump nominated his first slate of appalling appointees to high office within the administration, he inadvertently create a drinking game for us.  Here’s how it works – think of the most unqualified, dishonest moron possible, and when he nominates that person, DRINK! This game has wreaked havoc on my liver since last January, and the game is actually picking up.  Trump is now appointing lower level positions and Senate Republicans are simply playing along.

Let’s play the drinking game today – first, the qualifications of a new nominee; this nominee is a 36 year old young man, 3 years out of law school who has never argued a case in court.  Hell, he’s never even argued a motion in court.  He’s a blogger who writes highly partisan posts, likes to call the last Democratic candidate Hillary Rotten Clinton, and wrote a piece during the last administration about how Barack Obama was destroying the Constitution by introducing legislation for background checks after the Newtown massacre.  He was a speechwriter for Mitt Romney in 2012, and an aide to Luther Strange when he was appointed to be senator after Granny Sessions was named attorney general.

Who is this candidate, and what’s he nominated for?  Why he is Brett Talley, and he’s been nominated to a lifetime position as a federal judge in the Middle District of Alabama.  Oh, and it gets better; after coming to Washington with Luther Strange, he then took a job in the Justice Department in the office that does…wait for it…appointments to federal judgeships.  Can you spell inside track?  And one last little tidbit…he was unanimously rated by the American Bar Association as “not qualified” for this appointment.

Ignoring the profound absurdity of this nomination, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved him on a party line vote on Thursday sending the nomination for confirmation in the Senate.  So, let’s summarize.  Trump’s 4th ever nominee to a lifetime appointment in the federal judiciary is a 36 year old lawyer 3 years out of law school with zero trial experience, a radically partisan history including public support for the NRA, rated not qualified by the ABA, and who likely lobbied the Justice Department for his own nomination.

Next step for us?  DRINK!