Supreme Ladies, I Am Counting On You.

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So the New York Times has an article today ‘splainin’ why Neil Gorsuch might find it easier than most new Supreme Court Justices to find his voice and “be heard” right way.

Two things: (1) his winkie, and (2) his crazy.

Crazy first.

“Conservatives interrupt liberals at significantly higher rates than liberals interrupt conservatives,” the study, to be published in The Virginia Law Review, found.

“Interruptions are generally considered an aspect of dominance, and the conservatives feel dominant over the liberals. With Gorsuch entering the court, that’s going to reinforce that tendency.”

Which, of course, falls into the No Shoot, Sherlock department of news.  Conservatives are rude people who need to display their dominance like some baboon in the zoo.

And now his winkie.

And male justices, perhaps not surprisingly, interrupt female justices far more often than the other way around. “Even though female justices speak less often and use fewer words than male justices,” the study found, “they are nonetheless interrupted during oral argument at a significantly higher rate.”

The study considered 7,239 interruptions in arguments from 2004 to 2015. Of those, 32 percent were of women, and just 4 percent were by women.

I think Ruth Bader Ginsberg ought to whack that sucker upside the head with her gavel a couple of times and let him know that there are women on the court who ain’t putting up with his Trump’s new golden boy status for one damn minute.

The guy who did the study offered this —

“I don’t think that a lot of men notice that they’re doing this,” Professor Jacobi said.

Oh yeah, right. Yeah, there you go. They just can’t help themselves.

Fast Moving Turtle

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The Supremes

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Okay, here’s the deal, I think Donald Trump should be treated just like President Obama.  I think Trump should not be allowed to pick a justice in the last year of his presidency either.

So, let’s wait a year and see if Trump is still around. I’m betting no.