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Reporters in the WH are saying they don’t know which way to lean to overhear staff trying to grapple with the tsunami of crises of Trump’s own making.  Monday night, the shoutfest between Bannon, Spicer, and Huckabee Sanders was so loud that comms staff turned up televisions trying to drown it out.

However, their boss is going to assure that the Daily Crisis will continue.  Trump is a moron; he thought it was a good idea to take on the intelligence community?  The FBI?  That’s just plain stupid and simply political suicide by bureaucracy.  Comey was a prosecutor.  These people raise evidence gathering and note taking to an art form.  You know that this snippet from one memo is just the tip of a giant iceberg and that iceberg is only going to get larger.  In the meantime, Trump’s inner circle is getting thrown under the bus one at a time on virtually a daily basis.  The ONLY staffer who carried any weight was H.R. McMaster, but that’s over after his performance in front of the West Wing entrance the other day.

And it’s only going to get worse.  With top staffers at each others’ throats, it’s only a matter of time before the entire West Wing melts down.  If Trump survives this latest crisis, he will be so damaged that his legislative agenda will grind to a halt.  He responds so poorly to perceived slights that you KNOW he’ll tweet out some other stupid declaration that will turn his scandals into a perpetual motion machine.

You have to ask yourself why anyone with any integrity would be a part of this fiasco.  Why are wealthy and influential people staying in, much less groveling like Tillerson did on MTP last Sunday?  It’s mind blowing to watch these otherwise smart people hang on while the WH turns into Fukushima on the Potomac.  The longer they do, the more they will get irradiated from this meltdown.

Spicer Caught Hiding in the Bushes

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Now THIS little tidbit –

The Washington Post is reporting that during the chaos last night, Spicer was trying to hide from the press behind some bushes on the north lawn of the WH.  He finally agreed to answer questions, but with no television lights.  So he gave an interview between two bushes in the dark.  Pretty symbolic, in my view.

Where is Zach Galifianakis when you need him?

I just tickled myself.

Sean Sumbitch

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Y’all, Sean Spicer just blamed Barack Obama for the unspeakable chemical attack in Syria this morning.

I. Am. NOT. Kidding.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Tuesday that a gas attack in a rebel-controlled area of Syria was perpetrated by the forces tied to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and are a “consequence of the past administration’s weakness and irresolution.”

No, no, no, it would  have nothing to do with the fact that a totally insane man is president now, his goofy son in law is running the country, the secretary of state is being ignored, Twitter exists for the perverse pleasure of one man, and that Vladimir Putin is calling all the damn shots.

Trump gave them permission to do this.  He wants to partner with Putin and al-Assad.  It happened because they knew Trump wouldn’t do anything because he told them he wouldn’t do anything.  Let me say that again – Trump told them that he wouldn’t do anything to al-Assad.

I’m too heartbroken about what happened and too angry to to be funny.


Okay, Campers. I Know This Is Coming As a Shock to You, But …

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… it appears that Sean Spicer lied, lied, lied at today’s press conference.

Spicer said the Washington Post story was untrue and that the White House did not try to put any roadblocks to Sally Yates’ testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

The Washington Post responds

Here ya go, Buddy.  The actual documents.

Also of note, I just love watching April Ryan get under Sean Spicer’s skin.  Today he told her not to shake her head.  Oh no, that’s not real wise.  She is going to get up out of that chair and slap that silly boy upside the head one day and I do not want to miss that!


Eating Words

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Just so you know after what happened today.


Click here to see it.

Thanks to Deb for the heads up.

Translation by Sean Spicer’s Translation Services and Sushi Bar

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Okay, today Donald Trump said that his administration’s enforcement of its deportation policy is “a military operation.”

That’s not good.

So, Spicer had to jump up and talk real loud hoping that people would forget what Trump said.

Didn’t work with squat.

Spicer tried again.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday that President Donald Trump was using the word “military” as an “adjective” to describe deportations carried out under his administration.

“The President was using that as an adjective. It’s happening with precision and in a manner in which it’s being done very, very clearly,” Spicer told reporters at his press briefing.

He claimed Trump meant to describe how deportations are being carried out “in a very streamlined and efficient manner.”

I dunno. From what I’ve seen, the military leaves a path of destruction wherever it goes, which is what they are trained to do.

I think synonyms for using “military” as an adjective would be cluster****.  Or FUBAR.

Look, here’s the deal.  Donald Trump cannot wait to see tanks rolling through San Antonio, Texas.

And the today Jeff Sessions overruled a ruling by Sally Yates that the Feds would not use private prisons.

Why do I think they are aiming toward detention centers?

No one is safe during a CPAP convention.

(Forgive the typos and formatting.  I am working from my iPad and it hates me.)