Off the Rails – Obama Leading “Satanic Sedition”

February 08, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Steeple People

Rick Wiles, one of those RWNJ radio hosts, recently said that President Obama is orchestrating, and George Soros is funding, the nationwide protests that have been occurring since Dat Guy was inaugurated as the 45th, uh…urp, president of the US.  Wiles is one of those Alex Jones style super-delux-off-the-rails-nuts conspiracy theorists that have really gained traction with the nice super-Christian-white-hooded crowd.  In his ranting, Wiles said

“My gut feeling says Barack Obama is on the phone day and night and he is directing the protests, he is organizing, he is giving clear instructions to the people what to do and how to carry it out.”

and that,

“You wanna get God worked up? You know what sedition reminds Him of?” Wiles asked. “Lucifer. It all goes back to Lucifer because what Lucifer did in heaven was commit sedition … So all acts of sedition are inspired by Lucifer.”

I’m super confused.  Obama is leading sedition with Lucifer’s help?  I thought he has been kite surfing with Richard Branson: