Phil Stephenson from Texas

April 27, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

The Dallas Morning News has a story about Texas Republican State Representative Phil Stephenson from District 85.  If I were to get up from my patio chair and walk to the end of my street and take 5 more steps, I would be in District 85.

Phil is 72 years old, which ain’t all that old by my standard but Lord Almighty, Phil’s lived 72 hard years.  I’m not saying that his gears are slipping, but … oh hell, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Phil is crotchety old.

Every legislative session, we get more proof that Phil needs to do whittling instead of legislating. Everybody keeps their fingers crossed that he doesn’t show up to legislate without his pants on.

Here’s what Phil has done now.

Twice, not once but twice in this session, he tried to name a highway after a state trooper who was killed in 1992 but instead named it after his murderer.


He tried to blame it on someone else, but he refused to let that someone else speak to the press about it.  The bottom line is that Phil’s name is on the bill and if you put your name on something, it’s yours. You learn that in the first grade.

Here’s how it broke down: The first time he got the location of the highway wrong along with using the name of the murderer as the honoree.  So, he corrected that.  Second bill named the right highway, but still insisted on naming that highway after a man who murderer a state trooper.

The second bill was filed on the last day of filing so it couldn’t be withdrawn.  It was now public record, forever.

He had to get four-fifths of the Texas House of Representatives to vote to allow him to withdraw the bill.  He stood in front of them all and said, “I screwed up.”

They let him off the hook this time, but – and I can’t prove this for a fact but I did hear it – he had to promise to remember to wear his pants on the house floor.

Thanks to Bubba for the heads up.