No, Donald, It’s a GUN Problem

November 06, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Fun With Guns

Today in Tokyo, Trump said that the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs Texas yesterday was “a mental health problem” and “not a guns situation”.  As we’ve pointed out before, every country has mental health issues, but the ONLY country that has a mass shooting problem is the United States.  The difference between us and other developed countries?  Guns.  Hundreds of millions of guns.

The Sutherland Springs shooter was 26 and had received a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force in 2014 after serving a year in a military jail for assaulting his wife and his child.  He bought his assault rifle at an Academy in San Antonio.  How in the hell can an individual with this kind of criminal record?  Answer – The background check system in this country SUCKS.  Many records are still paper.  Not all criminal records make it into the system.  NO mental health data gets into the system unless a court adjudicates a person incompetent.

In short, any idiot, criminal, and weirdo can easily put his hands on a weapon(s) with a high capacity magazine and all the ammo he can afford.  This is not a mental health problem, Donald, it’s a GUN problem.  Hundreds of millions of guns.