Give Now to the Victims of the Bowling Green Massacre

February 04, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Alternative Facts

This week, Kellyanne Conway reminded us of the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre where Iraqi immigrants killed a lot of people.  Concerned citizens have set up a fund to help the unfortunate families of these victims so tragically killed by radical Islamic terrorists on our own soil.  Please, give now and give generously.

We thank you for your generosity.


Chuck Todd Grows a Pair On Live Network Television

January 22, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Apologies to Juanita Jean for stepping all over her this morning.  Great minds do think alike, especially when in crisis.

In one of the most remarkable biological changes in the history of evolution ever witnessed, Chuck Todd of Meet The Press suddenly grew a pair this morning while interviewing Cheeto Jesus’s special advisor liar, Kellyanne Conway.  Todd, who loves the horserace of politics but typically ignores the BS spread by talking heads, underwent a sudden evolutionary change, which apparently gave him the constitution to call a liar a liar in the middle of her lies.

It was classic.

Oh, sorry, Momma.