Smokey Joe Smokes It

March 14, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Texas Republican Congressmess Smokey Joe Barton had himself a time at his his town hall.  One thing you will learn right here is that one does not question Joe ByGawd Barton.

Some of his constituents were hacked off that Smokey Joe voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

If you can’t hear it, here is a transcript.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Now given your voting record opposing legislation protecting women from violence, will you make a commitment to us today, make a promise, that you will reach out to Congresswoman Jackie Speier and work with her to see this bill successfully through Congress?

BARTON: Let me comment on a number of things that you’re – on the first bill that I voted against, that’s a true statement, and I voted against it because I think that’s a state issue not a federal issue, there are –


AUDIENCE MEMBER: Civil rights don’t go to states.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: It’s violence against women, that’s a national issue. That is an issue that impacts everyone everywhere, not only in this country but everywhere.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Civil rights.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: You represent Texas first.

BARTON: You, you sir shut up.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: [jeers] You don’t tell anybody to shut up, you work for us.

Do not question The Joe.