I Love Yew, Texas

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League City, Texas, is between me and Galveston.  I generally close my eyes and hold my breath as I drive through there.

One of my Democratic friends stopped in League City and this was right next to her.


I think it was real nice of him to fly a confederate flag on the back, you know, just in case you didn’t already know he’s a big damn loser.

This is why you should always make your car passengers carry glitter.  Accidentally letting pink glitter fly all over that whole thing would have been a tragically but very cool thing.  I’ll even pay the $200 littering fine as long as he shows up to court with pictures of the glitter all over himself to prove his case.


Fun With Guns

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Liberty County is in East Texas, which explains a lot about this story.

Precinct 2 Liberty County Commissioner is the former sheriff of the county, Greg Arthur.   He, of course, is a Republican.  He took his wife and family on a vacation at Garner State Park, which is pretty much on the other side of Texas.

While there, Arthur encountered a gun problem.

“We were at the pavilion and I was wearing my concealed handgun. It was shifting around a little bit so I stepped out into the parking lot to readjust,” Arthur said.

While making adjustments, Arthur says he accidentally hit the trigger, causing the gun to fire downward toward the ground. The bullet grazed Arthur’s leg, entering the skin and creating a gash before it exited and hit the ground. As it hit the ground, fragments of concrete and the bullet reportedly scattered, hitting two other nearby people including a 6-year-old boy.

Insisting that is was “just an accident,” Arthur proves once and for all that guns are not safe, especially his.

The incident is the second time a firearm owned by Arthur has accidentally discharged. Several years ago, a Liberty business owner and a friend of Arthur’s accidentally shot himself with Arthur’s handgun. The business owner sustained non-life threatening injuries.

His guns seem to have a mind of their own.


Yes, I Know

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Yes, I know all hell is breaking loose in Austin at the State Lege, where a Republican State Rep called ICE to get rid of the demonstrators at the capitol.  One Republican Rep threatened the life of a Democrat State Rep, and the State Troopers have become Storm Troopers.

I want to wait to sort out the bodies before I write about it.  But please feel free to comment here if you find something that looks legitimate.

Trusted source.

UPDATE:  Here is a video.  At 32 seconds you can see one of the Republican Reps (in a tan suit toward the front of the crowd), raise his hand to expose his handgun in a holster. He’s a little short prissy guy and loves his gun so much it’s considered obscene in 32 states and assorted territories.

Rinaldi the Twit

This is also where Republican Rep Matt Rinaldi called ICE on the people protesting SB 4 — he assumed because they were largely Hispanic, they were here illegally.

I have to tell you something about Matt Rinaldi.  He is a foul-mouthed little dip-dump who has to get an old woman to hold his hand to cross the street.  He is so crude that the F word ought to be embroidered on his tie.  He is generally recognized as the garden gnome of the Tea Party.

There are witnesses who heard Rinaldi threaten to shoot Democratic State Representative Pancho Nevarez “in the head.”

Reading several news sources, the best I can figure, it went like this: Rinaldi sashayed over to two Hispanic Democratic Representatives and goaded them by saying he had called ICE on the protesters.  One of the Democrats said, “I’m gonna get you,” and that’s when Rinaldi threaten to shoot him in the head.

Then Rinaldi runs as fast as his little legs will pump and asks for DPS protection.

Then like the little twit that he is, Rinaldi claimed he said that threat (you know, the one he first claimed he didn’t say)  in “verbal self defense.”  No, I am not kidding.  There is now such a thing as “verbal self defense.” That used to be called, “escalating the situation.”  The Texas Penal Code says that verbal crap ain’t provocation for nothin’.

Like a damn little fluffy puppy, Rinaldi growled and growled and then ran back under the couch when someone growled back.  I think this falls under, “You started this fight, butt boy” rule as codified in the Handbook of Getting Your Ass Whooped.

And Dan Patrick wants to call a damn special session because this one didn’t get nasty enough.


I Love Yew, Texas. Your Governor, On The Other Hand … Not So Much

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott made a joke today about shooting reporters.  Yeah, while body-slamming a reporter is still in the news.

A Texas Tribune reporter snapped a photo of Abbott showing off his target sheet on Friday, after which the governor “jokingly” pointed to the bullet holes and threatened the media.

“I’m gonna carry this around in case I see any reporters,” Abbott said, according to reporter Patrick Svitek.


Too soon, Governor.  Ten years from now, still too soon.


Fun With Guns: That’s His Story and He’s Sticking to It Edition

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Even in Pennsylvania.

A 78 year old woman was shot in the chest at 3:30 in the damn morning in her damn bathroom.

She was taken to the hospital with “non-life threatening injuries.”  Although I cannot for the life of me imagine what is NOT life threatening when you’re 78 years old.  Hell, getting out of bed is life threatening when you’re 78 years old.

Here’s the kicker.  She was shot by her husband who thought she was an intruder.

I know.  Nuts.

Police believe the husband suffers from a medical condition, which may have been a factor.

Ya think?  Now let’s assume her husband is also at least 78 years old. What the fool tarnation is a 78 year old man with “a medical condition” doing with a damn gun?  You get a medical condition that causes you to shoot people randomly, you gotta give up the gun.

Or, give them both guns, lock them in the house and let them fight it out, like Geriatric Wild Kingdom.


Fun With Guns: But Does He Really Want to Live Edition

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Let’s give a Holy Toledo to Murad Hamedallah of Toledo, Ohio.

A man called the police to report that Hamedallah was heard screaming that he had been shot as he was getting out of his car.

The caller told police he watched Hamedallah walk towards a garbage can on Manhattan before eventually falling to the ground.

When crews arrived, they found Hamedallah with a single gunshot wound that went through his penis and right thigh.

Police found a bullet hole in his driver’s seat; the gun was found behind the garbage can on Manhattan.

The wound was self-inflicted.

Quote of the day:

Hamedallah was taken to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo for serious injuries. He’s expected to be okay.

Okay?  Oh, I dunno about that.  He may live, but okay?  No, not okay.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.