Secret Service Goes Broke

August 21, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Remember when Trump said there would be no time for vacations or golf?  Remember when he said he would never leave the White House because he would be so busy making America great again?  Devotees cheered him.  The rest of us knew better, and we were correct.

This morning, USA Today published an interview with director of the Secret Service, “Tex” Alles who told the paper that the service has already run through its annual budget and his agents have hit their annual compensation cap.  Trump’s extravagant lifestyle, which includes travel to one of his properties virtually every weekend, has driven the agency to its knees.  Veteran agents are quitting, and there’s no money left for them to get paid.  According to federal law, the president’s family must be protected which includes 42 members.

Some estimates have Trump’s travel so far at $55 million since January.  By contrast, the Obama’s spent $97 million OVER 8 YEARS or about $12 million per year.  At Trump’s current pace of blowing taxpayer money so he can chase a little white ball will total over $94 million PER YEAR.

Trump is making America great again by spending faster than any president since GWB, and I never dreamed that would be possible.