Louie, Louie, Me Gotta Go … To The Bathroom To Upchuck.

June 12, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Oh y’all, Louie Gohmert ain’t taking no summer break.  No, sireeeee, Louie is 12 month nincompoop so there is no rest for his troubled soul.

Let me interrupt this story to tell you something I’ve just noticed.  In Texas, Louie enjoys one name fame. He’s just Louie.  You know, like Madonna or Cher. You say Louie anywhere in Texas and people start cringing because they know they are fixing to hear something crazy. And, God bless him, Louie did not let us down this time.

Louie thinks that Donald Trump can walk on water, which lends slight credence to the fact that Louie is  deacon over at the Baptist Church. This week, Louie kinda singled out James Comey as the antiChrist du jour, which kinda takes the pressure off Barack Obama, Hollywood, and college professors, at least for this week.

Louie has decided that James Comey was fibbing during his testimony …

“I believe I heard him say he did the memo [about possible obstruction of justice] then he talked with some of his colleagues,” Gohmert insisted to Fox News host Julie Banderas. “We need to round up everybody he talked to because they were all conspiring against the president and all conspiring against their oath of office, conspiring against their own employment agreement.”

“We have a conspiracy remaining afoot in the Department of Justice that is going to be out to destroy this president and they’ve got to be fired, if not worse,” he added.

It’s a conspiracy!  It’s a conspiracy! The sky is falling … on a conspiracy!

I love this part: “they’ve got to be fired, if not worse.”  Worse?  What?  Are the stockades on back order?

Okay, here’s the stumbling block. We already have 93 US Attorney positions empty since Sessions fired them all or they left because … oooey … Sessions.  If you fired everybody else, you leave Jeff Sessions alone to do the work of US Attorneys all over this country. If that doesn’t scare your butt, you ain’t got full brain capacity.

If talking to somebody constitutes a conspiracy, then … oh yes, I will say it … shut the hell up, Louie.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

Jake Tapper On Conspiracy Theories and Actual Facts

February 16, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Last night, Jake Tapper of CNN finally got enough of SCROTUS’s insults and “fake news” twitter attacks on the media.  He let loose with a comparison of conspiracy theories and actual facts.  It’s pretty entertaining.