Lord Help Us All!

June 05, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, so I realize that we need to update our computer technology in government. That’s important now that we know how vulnerable we truly are.

And I think it’s nice that a committee has been formed of 14 members of congress to work on this issue, even though members of congress are probably the least informed people about technology on the whole damn earth.

Their goal?

Their wish lists vary: Some aim to change how agencies deliver services to citizens, others want agencies to be able to purchase bleeding-edge ideas, and few have ideas on how to restructure offices and expand agency missions. And they’re all concerned with government’s cybersecurity stance.

Okay, so maybe if we got some of the smartest ones together … oh hell no.


No. Just no.

Here is living proof that he cannot get his ducks in a row.

Thanks to Lydia for the heads up.

I Love Yew, Texas

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Robert Morrow has announced that he’s running for the Chairmanship of the Republican Party of Texas on a “Impeach Trump” platform.

For those of you unfamiliar with Robert Morrow, he was elected chairman of the Travis County (think: Austin) Republican Party.  The GOP power structure was not pleased.


The current Texas Republican Party Chair up and resigned with no warning.  So, the Republican Executive Committee will electe a new chair in Austin on Saturday, June 3rd.  Morrow is running.

To be honest – even for a Republican, Morrow ain’t all there. Or maybe he’s the sanest person in that Party – it’s just damn hard to tell these days.

Now he’s decided that Trump needs impeaching and he’s the man to lead the charge.

You wanna know why?  Sure you do.

A few of the many qualifications I have for being Chairman of the Texas Republican Party are:

1)       I am a political truth teller.

2)      In the past 20 years I have voted in more Texas Republican primaries than Rick Perry.

3)      I am a Ron Paul supporter.

4)      In 2004, I played a critical grassroots role in getting Republican Rep. Todd Baxter re-elected to the State House. Just ask Todd Baxter. This is the state rep seat that Donna Howard currently holds.

5)      In both 2008 and 2012 I was one of the leaders of Ron Paul for President in Austin, TX.

6)      Unlike George Herbert Walker Bush, I have not murdered anyone, as he did with Barry Seal in 1986.

7)      Unlike cocaine addict and CIA drug smuggler Bill Clinton I do not think that Barry Seal got what he had coming to him. Barry Seal was a friend of Bill Clinton which tells you a lot about Bill “Serial Rapist” Clinton.

8)      Unlike George Herbert Walker Bush, I am not a homosexual pedophile who molests and has sex with young boys. Read the books The Franklin Cover Up and The Franklin Scandal for information on that. Former Texas GOP chair Cathie Adams knows all about the Franklin Cover Up and I have discussed it with her.

9)      My top priority is the impeachment and removal from office of child molester, business criminal, serial adulterer, golf cheat and political criminal Donald Trump. Message to Trump supporters: you sleep with dogs you will get fleas.

10)    I am very proud of my book The Clintons’ War on Womenwhich rips the hide off the Clintons like no other book has done before. This is one of the few books child rapist Donald Trump has read and he kept it on his desk in 2016.

11)     In 2016 I received 145 votes for President of the United States.

12)    I am the Chairman Emeritus of the Travis County Republican Party, gaining it world attention as I ran it from June 13 to August 19, 2016.

13)    I like big titties. I am a proponent of boobyliciousness. In the past several years I have shared on social media the pics of over 500 extremely hot, busty women. What have Rick Figueroa and James Dickey ever done to promote boobyliciousness, bikini contests and wet t-shirt contests? I am for having bikini contests at the Alamo every 4th of July. Case closed.


Robert Morrow

Honey, he had me at “Impeach Trump.”

I love yew, Texas.


It’s Steve Stockman Day at the Beauty Salon!

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He wins.  Steve Stockman wins.

First we get him defeated at the voting booth.  Then we indict him.  But, bygawd, this is one libertarian/conservative who wins the prize.

Stockman spent his congressional career stomping and yelling about the damn government.  He wanted the government out of everything.  No government means good government.

Uh, until now.  He appeared in court yesterday and told the judge he only has $17 in his bank account so he can’t afford a lawyer.  He can’t work either since his job requires him to travel out of the country but he can’t do that while he’s out on bond.

The guy stole close to $1.2 million of charitable contributions.  He’s a scam artist.  But, he’s a master at scam artistry because he told the judge ….

Stockman told the judge he needed to dismiss his hand-picked lawyers from the elite firm of Smyser Kaplan & Veselka and ideally he wanted the court to re-appoint them to the case at the government’s expense. She said she’d consider the request.

She’d consider it?  Wait, wait, every other defendant in the courtroom gets what they get from the public defender system, but this guy wants us to pay for his fancy-pants hand-picked white collar crime law firm?  Oh hell, no.

So overnight this guy goes from wanting to destroy the government to wanting to buy lobster with food stamps, something he used to accuse others of doing?

Stockman admits that he owns a house, rental property, two vans and his wife makes $72 grand a year.  He can pay his lawyer.

I hate Republicans.  I really do.