Trump Takes Credit for Global Airline Safety

January 02, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Yesterday, it was reported by several news agencies that the airline industry reported their safest year ever, with no fatal jet airline accidents anywhere in the world.  Among other commercial aircraft such as turboprops and cargo planes there were approximately 44 on planes and 33 on the ground, including 12 killed on December 31 in Costa Rica.  This is a remarkable achievement for commercial airlines, which have been steadily improving safety over a number of years.  The fatality rate for commercial airlines is .06, or 1 death per 16 million flights.

As we’ve come to expect, Trump took credit for the record, falsely claiming that he’s “been very strict” on global l commercial aviation in 2017 directly affecting the outcome.  This laughable lie provoked the response you would expect.  Here’s the tweet and some entertaining responses:

And delusion marches into 2018.