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Shockingly, the General Services Administration (GSA) issued a determination letter yesterday that the lease of the old post office in Washington, DC, now known as the Cheeto International Hotel, is VALID, even though it states in plain language in the lease that, “No … elected official of the Government of the United States … shall be admitted to any share or part of this Lease, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom…”   Stupidly, the letter hides behind the fact that Cheeto Jesus put this business in a trust.  Yes, it is in a trust – a revocable trust, run by his children.

The Daily Beast interviewed George Washington University Professor of Government Procurement Law Steven L. Schooner who said, “Not only is the conclusion unexpected and unpersuasive, as a matter of law, but, as a matter of policy, it is harmful to the integrity—and thus credibility—of GSA, the Presidency, and federal procurement process.” When asked how the GSA could come to the conclusion it did he gave a simple reason, “Spine-ectomy.”

So lets lay this out in plain language – the GSA employee who negotiated the contract, Kevin Terry, has just stated publicly that his boss’s boss, who is in clear, undeniable conflict of interest, is not actually in conflict of interest, even though he is the highest elected official in the land.  It’s basically “Nothing to see here, move along.”

If you had any doubt, this is what creeping corruption looks like.  We are becoming Russia, one lease at a time.

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6 Comments to ““Spine-ectomy””

  1. the aclu needs to file a suit against this decision. you are absolutely correct about the decision being spineless.

  2. Imma kinda thinking this is designed to make the GSA, and everything they might say questionable in the media/Public eye so that NOW anything they say about healthcare or any other absurd legislation will be suspect. this has Baron Harkonnen er Bannon’s hands all over it. And the dismantling continues.

  3. Rastybob says:

    Trump is a Putin want-a-be. He is stuffing his pockets full time.
    With both Soviet and US tax payer money. This man has absolutely no morals or ethics. His GOD is the great God $$$$$.
    And now the GSA has been bought off too.

  4. So how much or what did Kevin Terry get in exchange: did he get at least a million dollars in bribes or was he a crappy negotiator using the “me first” principle and just gets to keep his job with the bonus of losing his integrity.

  5. Does this guy have kids? Have you seen them around lately?

  6. two crows says:

    And the people Tweety signed that reversible trust over to? Why, that would be his daughter Ivanka — who now has an office above his own in the White House, along with a full security clearance. Along with Donald Jr. and his other son [um, Eric? Whoever] — also with security clearances. All of whom are invited to any and all meetings with foreign leaders. And national “leaders.” You know, the ones who can’t get a bill through Congress.

    I’m guessing that voting will be illegal 4 years from now.