Special Session Eve

June 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, cowboys and girls, I am in the free state of Austin, Texas, getting myself prepared to be at the state Capitol to tomorrow to watch the Republican Party and Rick Perry try to railroad through a bill that couldn’t pass in the regular session or the first special session.

It’s a bill about women’s health. It’s also a bill to do away with the 4th and 14th Amendments. It is a bill affirming that ole white men should control the bodies of females.

It is also a showcase for Republican insanity. Last week, they arrested a 72 year old grandma in the Senate gallery for no damn reason other than she was having trouble standing up after sitting for hours. The Lt. Governor threatened to arrest the news media for inciting a riot. No, seriously. How can you arrest someone for inciting a riot when there was no riot? He’s going the arrest the media for having pencils and mostly knowing how to use them? For taking pictures of things that happen in the state senate?

Holy crap.

The Attorney General of Texas is investigating a college student for possible criminal charges for leading the singing of The Eyes of Texas in the Capitol rotunda after midnight. The Eyes of Damn Texas. The state song. God forbid had she said the pledge to the state flag.

The problem in Texas is not that we have too many people coming to their Capitol to address their grievances. The problem in Texas is that it doesn’t happen enough.

So, I’m huddling with some folks I really love tonight. I’m gonna drink some sweet tea, eat some fried okra, and swap lies about how Texas used to be. Then tomorrow at noon, I will be going to the south side of the Texas Capitol to tell my state representative Rick Miller and my state senator Glenn Hegar that I think they are kinkier than a cheap garden hose with what they want to do to women’s private parts.

I will try to post here tomorrow. I’ll be doing it on my cell phone so if it looks bad, I’ll refund the price of admission.

I’m going with a bunch of women from my hometown and Bubba. We figured we better bring our own lawyer.

And I want to say something to my friend Bud Malone who would be here if he could, fighting along side of me. I’ll be thinking of ya Bud. Men like you made it possible for women like me to do this.

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52 Comments to “Special Session Eve”

  1. I look terrible in orange, but I would wear it if I was there. Sending positive vibes to you, and killer mosquitoes to the Perryistas, from the still progressive state of Minnesota.

  2. Tom Harding says:

    You folks make me proud to be a Democrat.If you succeed there maybe us folks in Indiana can do the same thing.I just cannot understand why we have to continually fight for these things over and over again.

  3. Kimberanne Weaver says:

    I got tears in my eyes when you mentioned Bud. Although he would hate to be called an icon, that is exactly what he is. The wonderful thing about Bud is that he did what he knew was right in his heart not because it would make him look good, but just because.. it … was… right!