Sid Miller, Y’all.

December 20, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Hey, I need you to loookie here.  Sid Miller is trying to kiss some royal butt to become a cabinet member. He wrote an op-ed that nobody has bothered to re-print in their newspapers so he uploaded it to every conservative site he could find.

Miller_Sid_2014_8583596_ver1.0_640_480It is called, “Donald Trump Has Already Made America Great Again.” Even before he takes office, people! Yeah, because the stock market has “gone wild.”  Yeah like the dump of Lockheed-Martin stock minutes before Trump’s tweet blasting them over the cost on a new Air Force 1.  That’s pretty damn “wild.”

But, that ain’t all ole Sid has got to say.

The focus is now the golden lobby of Trump Tower, the new symbolic representation of power in America: an edifice built by sharp-edged business acumen and cold American cash rather than taxpayer dollars and political pork.

Sid Miller, the Chief Oinker of political pork, is is saying it’s not a good thing. You know, after he wanted taxpayers to pay for his Jesus-shot, brought all his unqualified friends to the public teat, and spent campaign money to travel to a rodeo. Oink, Sid! Let’s throw your butt over a spit.

Oh hell, at least being on the cabinet will get him out of Texas.  I dunno, we seem to have an unending roster of Republican idiots.

Thanks to Epp for the heads up.

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23 Comments to “Sid Miller, Y’all.”

  1. Charly Hoarse says:

    I saw Sid’s name on a state sticker when I was pumping gas yesterday. I’ll have a Sharpie ready next time.

  2. L-M builds the F-35. F-35s are expensive and there have been cost overruns. However, once the decision was made to develop F-35 as one aircraft to replace several in the inventory, overruns were inevitable. The Navy has no plan B aircraft so the F-35 cannot fail.

    Boeing builds the 747 aircraft which are termed “Air Force 1” when the POTUS is aboard. These aircraft are also expensive and literally two of a kind. Annoying Boeing over a pair of $325 million aircraft is an amusing search for pennies. Sic ’em Hair Drumpf.

    Boeing should offer to SLEP the existing 747s until the next president takes office in 2021.

  3. Now, see? This is what happens when you let the baby drink beer.

  4. magge for the win!

  5. Steve The Returned says:

    Please take Sid off our hands, Mr. Trump. You two deserve one another.

  6. magge says: “Now, see? This is what happens when you let the baby drink beer.”

    Oh noes, I done been busted. I let my kids have a sip or two, heheh…
    The one that really liked beer (favors wine now), and would enthusiastically slurp a ‘bit’ (haha) down in her highchair from a sippycup, is a near-genius, working on a PhD, and has rapidly moved up the ranks at a very specialized and major ins/bank company. So it didn’t have any ill effects AFAIK (the beer was probably Negra Modelo IIRC, direct from the Reynosa or Matamoros dist plant).

  7. That photo must have been retouched. Sid’s nose and lips aren’t nearly brown enough.

  8. I posted earlier that the photo must be retouched because Sid’s lips and nose aren’t brown enough.

    Did my post not go through (access is still wonky) or did I get moderated off?

  9. Okay, my first post wasn’t there a minute ago. Sorry.

  10. Rhea, that is why God invented boot scrapers and door mats. So you don’t make disgusting tracks in the house. Guess it works on Sid’s face.

  11. Oh god, not that slimy face again! Can’t he stop being an a$$hole for more than a day or 2?! Damn! GAHHHH!

  12. elise from CA says:

    To: Steve

    Texas’s gain would be Washington’s loss.

    USDA employees are quaking in their boots.

  13. “I dunno, we seem to have an unending roster of Republican idiots”

    that would be because, while not all idiots are republicans, all republicans are idiots. it’s in their DNA.

  14. AlanInAustin ... says:

    Sid aspires to achieve a Ted Cruz level of crazy, but he quite sadly lacks the creative genius necessary to achieve that levelof inanity.

  15. Sweet Crabby says:

    Oh, Sid. That hat must be a mite tight.

    “the golden lobby of Trump Tower, the new symbolic representation of power in America: an edifice built by sharp-edged business acumen and cold American cash rather than taxpayer dollars and political pork.”

    Here now, let me help you with that. What you *meant* to say was, “Trump Tower, built with other people’s money, investors and contractors who will never be paid, benefiting from YUGE tax breaks paid for by the people of New York (that’s the taxpayer dollars you forgot to mention, Sid) and tenanted by State and Federal offices (that’s the political pork that slipped your mind).

    As for the “golden lobby,” that’s not a symbol of power. It’s a symbol of what a con man with an army of attorneys and accountants can do. Trump learned from his daddy that tax breaks, loopholes, politics and sleaze can put a thin layer of gilt over any carnival barker.

  16. Ah, poor Sid! All that time and attention to the Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee for Trump and I just heard that instead of his own self being considered for Ag Sec, Susan Combs is now on the list! Hey, Sid, this is what you get for tweeting obscenities about a woman, any woman, presidential candidate or not! Karma knows where you live, Sid!

  17. Apparently Susan authored her Wiki page herownself:
    “Combs graduated from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York,[3] majoring in French and religion. She worked in international advertising in New York City, in the financial markets on Wall Street, and for the U.S. government before returning to Texas to obtain credentials from the University of Texas Law School at Austin.[3] After graduation from law school, she served as an assistant district attorney in Dallas, Texas.[3]”

    I can’t imagine better preparation for Ag Sec than a Texas Law “credentialed” Vassar grad who majored in French and religion. And a prosecutor in the squeaky clean Dallas DA’s office!

  18. Micr, yuppers! Have heard that the best Ag Sec this country ever had was a long time ago and he was a dirt farmer absent any of the resume like Susan Combs. I guess we have only one chance in a lifetime of the same thing happening now.

  19. Rhea: I’m still refreshing each page every time. A lot of times the home page will say a post might have 12 comments, then when I get to the comments page, there might only have 4 until I refresh the comments page.

  20. Also I noticed yesterday that there was no activity on the home page for several hours, and when I refreshed, 3 or 4 posts popped up.

  21. SteveTheReturned says:

    I’m ready to share Sid with the rest of the country—how about the rest of you folks?

    Let him do some damage to trump’s regime. Why should all the humiliation be confined to Texas?

  22. Jane & PKM says:

    SteveThe Returned, your comment disappoints me. At first I was thinking you meant barbecue. We all love barbecue. Then you went on to a plan to ship & share Sid outside of Texas. Rude and unfair, unless you include the charcoal and hibachi.

  23. Gary Halter says:

    Has anyone noticed that the ag secretary has put his ugly mug on all the gas pumps in ‘Texas. Says “Howdy Neighbor” and tells how he is protecting us. Sounds like a political ad paid for by tax payers.