Sid Miller Is So Crooked …

April 10, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

… that when he dies, we can just screw him in the ground.

I can tell you one thing about Republicans in this state – they can’t accuse each other of hogging all the stupid.  Hell, honey, we have an attorney general under indictment for stock fraud who isn’t even the most dishonest Republican elected official in the state.

Miller_Sid_2014_8583596_ver1.0_640_480Sid Miller, our Agriculture Commissioner, thinks he won the free-ride lottery when he got elected.  One time after another, he gets caught stealing taxpayer money.  Remember about three weeks ago when he got caught spending taxpayer money to go get a Jesus shot in Oklahoma?

Well, this time he took your our money and went to Mississippi.  Now before I even start telling you this story I want to let you know that if I was gonna steal money to go on a trip, it sure the hell wouldn’t be to Oklahoma and Mississippi.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller spent almost $2,000 in state and campaign funds to fly to compete in a rodeo in 2015 for prize money

Miller wrote a check several weeks later from his campaign account to pay back the state for the flights, the obtained records show.

Miller, who competed in calf-roping events at the February 2015 rodeo, won $880.

Miller says the taxpayers spending money for his flight is legitimate because he intended to meet with the Ag Commish of Mississippi but he admits that the meeting was never scheduled.  Okay, so it is Mississippi and maybe somebody borrowed the pencil needed to “pencil in” meetings.

Miller says it was “totally legitimate” that his campaign fund pay for the trip because while at the rodeo, he “spoke to” rodeo participants and vendors who donated to his campaign.

Let me tell you this – nothing Sid Miller does is ever totally legitimate.  Nothing.


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15 Comments to “Sid Miller Is So Crooked …”

  1. Maybe he studied the life and times of Huey P Long next door in Louisiana.

  2. Marcia in CO says:

    Seems like any excuse will do for ole Sid in trying to make himself “appear” to be legit!! SMH

  3. I think maybe that pencil (or more likely, a crayon) was being used to write Mississippi’s anti-LGBT law.

  4. Sam in San Antonio says:

    By his reasoning I can rob a bank, pay back the money two weeks later (If I’m caught) and be absolved?

  5. I want him to take off that damn hat. My $$ says there is a walloping big point hiding under it.

  6. e platypus onion says:

    Be more fun to pile drive his skanky carcass into the ground.

  7. e platypus onion says:

    Sam, you’d have to have an excuse to be in the bank-such as you went there to meet official bank robbers to be legitimate.

  8. He should be barred from wearing a white hat. Those are reserved for good guys. This guy should have the biggest, blackest hat, filled with 10 gallons of manure. He sure shovels enough of it.

  9. Coprolite says:

    So, Mr. Miller, a former rodeo “clown” with chronic pain, goes to Mississippi to participate in a rodeo that will probably just aggregate his chronic pain. That is logical.

  10. Coprolite says:

    Aggravate, not aggregate, aggravating auto spell

  11. I grew up around my maternal grandmother’s family who cowboyed and rodeoed. This IS that fam’s cowboy logic: spend $2000 to compete in a rodeo states away in order to win $880 in prize money. They didn’t have a pot to pi$$ in in the 50s and don’t today. But they do have hundreds of rodeo buckles between them. It is OK to compete in sports or athletics but if you do so where the prize money doesnt hope to cover expenses what you got is a hobby not a job.

  12. weakgrip says:

    with this track record, heaven help him if he is ever audited by the IRS

  13. weakgrip, don’t hold your breath waiting for the IRS (like I don’t as I wait for them to take political preachers’ tax-exempt status away). The IRS has been starved of money lately, thanks to the GOP, which just means that average people can’t get their questions answered after an hour on the phone, and the big tax cheats are getting away with all of it. Penny wise and pound foolish GOP as usual, unless you think it’s a ploy to reward the rich and screw the rest of us…. nah.–and-hurt-honest-taxpayers/2016/04/07/1ef95f02-fcfc-11e5-886f-a037dba38301_story.html

  14. And to think that Jim Hightower once held that office. Sigh.

  15. charles r. phillips says:

    I have a hard time thinking of Mississippi as a go-to venue for rodeo. I’m from the far West, and rodeo is everywhere. But like Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, there was actually a need for rodeo specific skills, like roping, steer wrestling, and barrel racing. Whatever has Mississippi done in that regard?

    Unless you count cockroach roundups, slave whipping and freedmen lynching, I’m guessing Mississippi rodeo is like Kansas rugby, an entertainment-only transplant with no historical grounding.