Sending Jeb to The Time-Out Chair

January 30, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Goat Rodeos

Juanita has noticed that the number of nasty tacky comments submitted to this not-a-blog from anonymous Republicans has tripled since President Barack Obama spanked some little Republican boy hiney at the GOP retreat.

“They are ouching with outrage,” she smiles.  “And, to my great joy, the local ones come take it out on me.”

“I fess up that I enjoyed the Republican congressional boys wanting to make their questioning of the President of the United States public on the television set only because they hoped that by ganging up on him, they could embarrass him,” she smiles.

“There’s an old honky tonk boast in Texas.  When some drunk cowboy was feeling his oats,” Juanita continues, “he’d ask for a fight by saying, ‘the big ones can line up and the little ones can gang up’.”

“Well, the little ones ganged up, but they still couldn’t whoop our cowboy.  It was his finest hour, and will go down in history as the minute it became dandy clear who the adults are. ”

“He made them look petty, like Rush Limbaugh’s hand was up their skirts making them talk like Miss Piggy,” she laughs at her own visual.

Juanita suspects the diamond centerpiece of the event was when President Obama sent Texas’ Little Jeb Hensarling to the time out chair.  She has it on her iPhone and charges customers a quarter to watch it.  So far, she’s raised enough to buy some new boots.

Jeb Hensarling in the time-out chair:

Please don’t tell Juanita’s customers that I’ve posted the video here.  Juanita is enjoying the sound of boot money in the quarter jar.

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1 Comments to “Sending Jeb to The Time-Out Chair”

  1. Lordy, lordy!!! this just made my day and I can’t get this grin off my face with steel wool! Our man’s brain is a thing of beauty and a marvelous thing to watch as he takes apart those idiots so “smewthly” they don’t even know it till they fall down. Thank you, JJ, for that gem of a video.