Secret Service Goes Broke

August 21, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Remember when Trump said there would be no time for vacations or golf?  Remember when he said he would never leave the White House because he would be so busy making America great again?  Devotees cheered him.  The rest of us knew better, and we were correct.

This morning, USA Today published an interview with director of the Secret Service, “Tex” Alles who told the paper that the service has already run through its annual budget and his agents have hit their annual compensation cap.  Trump’s extravagant lifestyle, which includes travel to one of his properties virtually every weekend, has driven the agency to its knees.  Veteran agents are quitting, and there’s no money left for them to get paid.  According to federal law, the president’s family must be protected which includes 42 members.

Some estimates have Trump’s travel so far at $55 million since January.  By contrast, the Obama’s spent $97 million OVER 8 YEARS or about $12 million per year.  At Trump’s current pace of blowing taxpayer money so he can chase a little white ball will total over $94 million PER YEAR.

Trump is making America great again by spending faster than any president since GWB, and I never dreamed that would be possible.

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17 Comments to “Secret Service Goes Broke”

  1. Maybe the Secret Service will take a page out of the Trump playbook, not pay their employees then tell them to sue for the back pay.

  2. Charles R Phillips says:


  3. That Other Jean says:

    Why are we paying for protection for Trump’s adult children to go on business trips? I understand paying for the Secret Service to guard the President, First Lady, and minor child, but the entire rest of the family, wherever they go, for whatever purpose they’re going? Really?

  4. I understand the basic reason for protecting the first family. I disagree with protecting all his adult children every place they go! Remember trump is so rich ,his words let him hire some body guards for his adult children!

  5. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    @christinawilkie: Source: “Clinton treated USSS agents like friends. Bush treated them w great respect. Obama, like family. Trump treats them like servants.”

  6. Outta money? No more protection! That’s the healthcare plan – why not port it to the Secret Service?

  7. That Other Jean says:

    @Don A: I will never understand treating anyone, including servants, “like servants,” but especially not those people whose job it is to step in front of bullets aimed at you. Trump is not fit to be President. I’m not sure he’s fit to be human.

  8. The Secret Service has spent some $60,000 on golf cart rentals alone this year to protect Trump at both Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster. — USA Today

  9. Trump doesn’t need protection, everybody loves him. Bigly

    Actually I don’t see why the KGB doesn’t do the job, they have much more to loose

  10. If this bugger really is a billionaire, he can pay for his own damn protection. I assume that by law the Secret Service has to protect him and his immediate family, but any rich person with an ounce of shame would not abuse the privilege. Donnie, as we know, has never been in the same room as an ounce of shame.

  11. Although if Trump did promise to pay the Secret Service the excess he’s costing– say, over what Obama cost, which Donnie railed about at the time– I bet he’d stiff them.

  12. Well, he could go through the House Appropriations Committee for more $$ for the Secret Service but I honestly don’t think he would get it. The Hill isn’t exactly wild about him and the way he has been treating them. Plus, where would that extra $$ come from? And there would have to be an offset? God help him if he tells the committee to use $$ for sick children as the offset!!!

  13. Karen in New Mexico says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else puzzled why the Secret Service would pay $60k on golf cart rentals in seven months? They are going to have to protect this slob for the rest of his life and I presume nothing short of hospice is going to keep him off the golf courses. Why not just buy the carts? They aren’t leasing those big black Suburbans are they? But I guess that Trump’s golf courses would bill for parking and storage in between uses. Anything to make a sleazy buck.

    The thing that bothers me the most is that even if Trump quits next week, is impeached, or is Amendment 25’d, the American taxpayer is going to have to pay for his protection and jacked up travel costs forever and ever until he dies. He will always be eligible for those post-president perks. Unless he’s in jail…. things might be a little cheaper. We can only hope.

  14. Y’all, the story has made it to NPR!

  15. When his building in N.Y. became campaign HQ, Orange Whore quadrupled the rent to the RNC. When he became the nominee the Secret Service had to move in. Same rate and he’s kept it that way.

    A decent human being -I said- a Decent Human Being would have reduced the rent for the RNC and reduced it even more for the people protecting him. That Decent Human Being would have waived rent on the golf carts and other golf course expenses for those potential life savers.

    I don’t need to spell out the conclusions.

  16. Well he is not supposed to be making any money on the Old Post Office, so use those funds to pay the SS, and when that runs out, well tough. He is so popular, let his children take a bullet for him. I know I’m just being mean. The past few days of his racist bs is making me meaner than pig’s blood on a bullet.

  17. Lunargent says:

    Obviously, henceforth, the Secret Service security detail will have to jog alongside DT’s golf cart, the way they jog alongside the presidential limo when it’s making its way through crowded streets.
    I don’t know how they’ll offset the salaries, though. Probably just lay off all personnel not on security detail. Who needs anybody investigating counterfeiting and stuff, anyway?