Schumer – Doing the Same Thing Over & Over, Expecting a Different Result

December 18, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Chuck Schumer, whose useful time in the Senate has been past for some years, will be the new Minority Leader come January.  And if he gets his way, it will become the near permanent minority.  Though he hasn’t said a lot since his ascension to the position, reports are that he’s planning on cooperating  with Cheeto Jesus.  Apparently, Schumer has been comatose the last 8 years and missed Republicans’ vicious scorched earth strategy to stop every Obama initiative, even violating the provisions in the Constitution to steal a Supreme Court seat.  Working with CJ is not only a stupid strategy, it’s a loser.  It’s a fantasy to be implemented by an insider who’s had his head up his proverbial ass for decades (Sorry, Momma).  He’s doomed to fail, but the party’s too weak and inbred to see it, either.

Schumer is a terrible choice to lead the Senate Dems, living in a persistent fantasy world that legislative success will mysteriously equal protecting seats in 2018.  Only a person who lives in his own echo chamber believes such nonsense.  So, here we go again.  The Dems stupidly crowned Hillary as a  presidential candidate simply because it was “her turn”, resulting in an electoral disaster through simple negligence.  Now they’re going to do exactly the opposite of what the Republicans successfully did to stop President Obama and are actually going to work with the singularly most unqualified president in modern history. Instead of picking a fighter, they picked a deal maker.

God help us.

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8 Comments to “Schumer – Doing the Same Thing Over & Over, Expecting a Different Result”

  1. Ralph Wiggam says:

    The Peter Principle wins again.

  2. Juanita Jean,

    You may have missed some of what precedes the likes of (corporate) Democrat Chuck Schumer.

    The D’s have been leading the way for all those Republican offenses Schumer embraces.

    Take a look at Thomas Franks’ “Listen Liberal” for much of the background. Democrats have been repudiating the New Deal and throwing their supposed supporters, particularly labor, under the bus for generations now.

    Who showed the R’s how to deregulate? Carter

    Who showed them how to steal elections with money? LBJ (actually the stealing of elections predates LBJ, he just modernized it)

    Who deregulated the financial sector, setting up what is arguably the largest theft in human history? Clinton

    Noam Chomsky says our last liberal president was Nixon, and the current empty suit who occupies the oval office (didn’t prosecute that largest-ever theft!) gave us Nixon/Romneycare but couldn’t get card check done for the D’s labor “allies” even with legislative majorities.

    You’re right to criticize Schumer, but please don’t leave out more deserving targets.

  3. El Jefe, isn’t it about time to start referring to Cheeto Jesus as Comrade Cheeto Jesus? It’s pretty clear his buddy Vlad thinks so.

  4. Think about it for a moment. Two “deal makers” with astronomical egos “working” together on whatever, even why to have for lunch, if you will. This is like mud wrestling. Some people even think it is fun to watch.

  5. Most folks, who don’t understand politics, think that all Democrats want to be in the majority. Not true. Far to many want to stay minority legislators where you’re not responsible for anything. Be a “back bench er”, criticize, have your picture taken and revel in your own importance.

  6. @Adam Eran

    There’s a “what if” game i refuse to play.

    What if Clinton had not had to deal with the Newtie Gingrich and the Contract on America?

    What if AlGore had been inaugurated in 2001 after winning the Presidency in 2000?

    What if Dubya’s term had not been defined by Al Quaeda?

    What if Obama had not had to deal with an uncooperative Congress for six years?

  7. Mark Schlemmer says:

    Schumer has always been suspect. He was the equivalent of a Ted Stevens or the guy from New Jersey who is always in one scandal after another. Or, whats his name from Utah that exists to keep the herbal medicine con going. America has been blessed with some incredible leaders, often at just the right time, and no one is perfect so I never look for that but your run of the mill schmuck like Schumer is NOT a leader.

  8. Hillary was not crowned. She received the most votes because she ran the best campaign in the primaries. You may not agree with the choice, but denigrated her by suggesting a lack of effort on her part is unacceptable.