Scam Artist Update

January 31, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Last week I told you about Gregg Phillips, a completely scam artist who is Donald Trump’s expert on voter fraud.

Phillips ran some scams with taxpayer dollars in both Texas and Mississippi.  Now he’s angling to head up Donald Trump’s investigation into voter fraud and prove, by gawd, that there’s people registered to vote in more than one state.

And he should know.

A man who President Donald Trump has promoted as an authority on voter fraud was registered to vote in multiple states during the 2016 presidential election, the Associated Press has learned.

Gregg Phillips, whose unsubstantiated claim that the election was marred by 3 million illegal votes was tweeted by the president, was listed on the rolls in Alabama, Texas and Mississippi, according to voting records and election officials in those states. He voted only in Alabama in November, records show.

When questioned about the obviously hypocrisy, Phillips replied that this only proves that the system is broken.  Yeah, guy, you broke it!

Thanks to everybody for threads up.

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11 Comments to “Scam Artist Update”

  1. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”
    Why don’t we see if this guy is willing to share his “database” with professional data wranglers? The longer this takes, the longer 45 gets to whine.

  2. When you abuse a system to prove it’s broken, aren’t you supposed to be the one to hold a press conference and say, “see, I proved my point.”

    Not get caught.

  3. People really need to resist the urge to keep pointing out these multiple registrations as though they are voter fraud. It is not illegal to be registered in multiple locations. There is no hypocrisy or fraud here and pretending there is falsely validates the notion that there is widespread voter fraud.

    And don’t even get me started on the oft heard claim from the left that Reagan raised taxes 14 times or whatever.

  4. This is getting to be a Conman Convention. [Conman Con,17]
    The list keeps getting longer.

  5. It’s all about demographics. Since they won’t quit, I say we join the game. Let’s propose a federal law cancelling all registrations that appear in multiple states until the registrant cleans up the out of date registrations. Sounds like this would eliminate millions of voters and prevent maybe a voter fraud or three. Wonder what profile that would inconvenience?

  6. WA Skeptic says:

    For the record, I moved from one state to another adjacent state, registered via the Motor Vehicles Dept. service legally sanctioned method in each, and it took two different elections to get the first state to remove my registration from their lists, even though I made serious efforts through their websites and by physically writing to them in order to get my name removed.

    I love “Motor Voter” registration, and I appreciate the fact that Registrars of Voters have difficult jobs keeping tabs on our peripatetic population.

  7. If you moved from one state to another and duly registered to vote, it would be wise for you to contact your previous state residence to see if you are on the voter registration roles. If you did not file any paperwork requesting removal from the roles, chances are you are still registered to vote in your previous state. Usually you can check on line.

    PA, where I moved from about 4 years ago, still had me on the voter registration roles. It takes submission of a form (obtained from the county registrar) for them to remove your name. PA apparently purges your name ‘automatically’ if you have not voted in TWO presidential election years. So you could be in their roles up to 8 years or maybe even more according to the person I spoke with at the registrars office.

    Per Lumpin @3, simply moving probably has you on two voter registration roles unless you actively removed yourself. This is NOT proof of voter fraud.

  8. I can believe every word from WA skeptic. Try this. People showing up at their usual polling places only to be told that their at the wrong one, given directions only to discover that were the were told to go was also wrong, and so it goes on and on until the polls are about to close! Those were the three million that did not get a chance to vote although they were willing and able! Try that for size, Trumpcakes!

  9. I saw the CNN interview this guy had on Friday, January 27. He’s the one averring that having multiple voter registrations is a federal felony. I hope he’s turning himself into authorities soon. As a citizen who believes as he does, it’s the right thing to do.

  10. Larry from Colorado says:

    Now all we have to find is one million more nacilbupesR registered in 3 states, and we have his 3 million illegal voters.

  11. JAKvirginia says:

    The system is not broken. It’s antiquated. Just modernize the damn thing. You move to new state. That info goes into a national database paid into by all of the states. Your new data can be accessed by the old state which will drop you from their rolls. It’s your responsibility to assure you are registered to vote, so check your status in your new location. The “drop them if they haven’t voted in 2 elections” routine is stupid. Why is everything so damn hard?