Russians Smuggling Oil to North Korea – Trump Twitter Feed Silent

December 30, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russians, Trump

Trump has ranted and raved about North Korea and “Little Rocketman” this year, has severely criticized China for not being tougher, and for continuing to truck and ship fuel oil into the country.  Visibility to that practice and further sanctions have served to choke off fuel to the Hermit Kingdom.  For a while, North Korean ships were loading in Russia and delivering into the country.  When that was discovered, surely that would choke off Kim Jong Un’s oil and drive him to the negotiating table, right?  Not so fast.  It’s now come to light that Russia has been loading fuel oils in Russia and then…wait for it…transferring those fuels to North Korean ships on the high seas.  That’s a direct violation of the UN sanctions agreed to by all, including Russia, and now they’ve been caught red handed smuggling into North Korea.  Trump’s response?  Dead silence.  Not one tweet or threat has been made since the news hit the wires today.

Now what is his orangeness to do?  Does he criticize Putin for violating international sanctions risking disclosure of the Pee-Pee Tapes, or does he stay silent, confirming his fealty to Russia?  We’ve never, in the history of the US, had such a compromised and ignorant buffoon infesting the White House.

God help us.


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14 Comments to “Russians Smuggling Oil to North Korea – Trump Twitter Feed Silent”

  1. “There is no proof of collusion between Russia and North Korea. This is just more fake news.” Strong tweet to follow.

  2. Oh, oh.Hope this doesn’t become an ugly button pushing match with NK and Russia with Rump as the instigator. G-d help us all. I need a drink…

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    Risk “disclosure of the Pee-Pee Tapes” is the part that’s inexplicable, El Jefe. Donnie has not been shy about thrusting his hubris around over emoluments clause violations foreign and domestic. It seems unlikely that a Republican style trickle down golden shower would unnerve him. My bet would be that Donnie doesn’t want Vlad providing comparison of his Russian financial documents with his IRS documents.

    As for reining in North Korea, cooperation from any UN participants could be edgy after Donnie sent Nikki there with his FU message.

  4. We went from Republican Sarah Palin who saw Russia even from her yard, to Republibcan Trump who couldn’t spot Russia outside the Kremlin.

    The paranoid leading the blind.

  5. WA Skeptic says:

    Considering that it’s winter in that part of the world, which can be devastating to civilians, I think it’s pretty nasty of the UN or the USA to deprive the entire country of heating oil. What kind of people are we???

    Check the history books; it was a major sanction of the nation of Nippon which directly encouraged the warmongers in that country to convince the Emperor to attack Pearl Harbor.

    I’m not a fan of Kim Jon Un, but I think we need to stop beating them up like this, practically forcing them to defend themselves. We’re doing nothing but making it a means for them to make the USA look badly.

    Yes, they need to stop threatening us, but we need to stop attacking them this way.

  6. Karen Crosby says:

    El Hefe, you rock.

  7. slipstream says:

    Too busy playing golf.

  8. Both Russia and China are going to do what it takes to avoid the collapse of the DPRK. The last thing either country needs is for a stream of 10 million refugees over the border that they will have to take care of.

    For Trump not to know this is just one more grain of sand on the mountain of his ineptitude.

  9. Trump simply admires a good grift.

  10. Tilphousia says:

    Well now, what else does one expect from a puppet on strings? Silence? Of course! Traitor trump is so awestruck of Putin it acts like a 12year old just slobbering with a stupid grin on its face. There’s no proof that any of the Russian oil is used for heating civilian homes. More likely it goes to the military and civilians be damned which they usually are in N Korea. His ignorantness’ silence? Just more proof of his collusion. After all the orange cockwomble can’t risk offending Vladimir.

  11. @ WA Skeptic

    Life in North Korea is not like life in the US with homes heated by nice clean electricity, gas or oil fired central heat. Many homes outside the capital don’t have electricity. Electric service in Pyongyang is intermittent. This must really suck if you live high up in one of the 40 story apartment blocks.

    People heat with coal or “man-made coal” which is made from sawdust, rice straw, dried corn stalks and any other available biomass. Imported oil is for the very important like the Dear Leader, the military-industrial factories and military transport.

  12. I agree that there has to be more pages of artful stuff in the international playbook here in the U.S. However, there is something wrong in just being stuck to one page. Maybe the pictures are better!

  13. On ABC’s “This Week’, just watched former ‘journalist’ Martha Raddatz give a softball pro-Trump interview with intel guy McMullen.
    Her last question was about the Chinese dealings, particularly OIL, with the DPRK. Not ONE word about the Russian oil supplies, offshore transfers or not. Not.One.Focking.Word.About.Russia… collusion, conspiracy, twitter silence or whatever…

    With ‘media coverage’ like this we’re going to need a gigantic over-margin in November to beat these traitors into the ground.

  14. trump cannot see Russian he has planted trees just like on the golf course…jerk.


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