Resignation Talk Already Swirling

March 31, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

OK, y’all, it’s already started: Michael Steele is advising clients to bolster relationship with Mike Pence, says Trump won’t finish his term.

Also, former Clinton staffer and 3 time presidential campaign veteran Claude Taylor has tweeted that he’s talked to a very reliable source who says that, in the face of Flynn flipping, Trump is considering all options, including resignation.

I personally believe this is way early, but the resulting talk is in the correct direction.


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47 Comments to “Resignation Talk Already Swirling”

  1. Is Pence innocent in all of this?

    This administration is corrupt. Does that include Pence? How could he not be part of this?

  2. WA Skeptic says:

    One down, Pence and Ryan to go.

    I’ll hold the confetti, but boy am I going to stock up on popcorn.

    Does anyone think that his rabid followers will let this happen without a LOT of gunfire?

  3. So… that’s probably why they came up with the weak tea story about Flynn’s fibbing to Mr. Pence who didn’t know nothin’ dirty was going on.

    With that little move, they began building the first wall of the administration. A wall around Pence so that he could start passing out pardons if he has to become (urp!) POTUS on a Trump impeachment.

  4. I wake every morning and check the headlines to see if, by chance, the Drumpf family has left the White House and our immediate lives while we slept. So news of his resignation is always a welcomed thought. The sooner, the better.

    Maybe he will resign this afternoon — BEFORE we have to pay for ANOTHER golfing weekend! I’m sure the citizens in Palm Beach would agree. From what I have read, his visits negatively affect their businesses and cost their police department dearly.

    Simply put, we cannot afford this idiot, nor all the job positions he has created for his friends and family.

  5. That Other Jean says:

    Stocking up on popcorn and barf bags, soon.

    According to Rachel Maddow, whom I will believe before any member of this administration, VP Pence was reported to, both personally in writing, more than once, concerning Flynn. He knew, and it should be possible to prove it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help the country if he resigns/is impeached. The current order of succession looks like this:

    Vice President: Mike Pence
    Speaker of the House: Paul Ryan
    President Pro-tempore of the Senate: Orrin Hatch
    Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson
    Secretary of the Treasury: Steve Mnuchin
    Secretary of Defense: James Mattis

    We’re in deep doo-doo unless the whole administration resigns at once. Not one of these men is fit to run a country, except straight into the ground.

  6. File this under way to good to be true. And reading the other Jean’s list don’t make me fell much better.Forget the popcorn.
    I need more JD.

  7. I don’t support a Drumpf resignation yet. There are still snacilbupeR family and neighbors and former friends I’m not finished beating on over voting for Drumpf and the snacilbupeR. And in this matter it ain’t over until I say it’s over.

  8. That Other Jean says:

    Make that “personally AND in writing,” blast it. Either this site needs an edit function, or I need to learn to proofread.

  9. Jane & PKM says:

    Any pardon(s) will need a list of conditions centered on assurances that Mikey Pence, Lyin’ Ryan and the bottom feeders in that line of succession do not move up the food chain.

  10. I dunno. Mike “Pod Person” Pence scares the crap out of me.

  11. As a psycho narcissistic Madman Trump’s options are limited.
    And when ‘Lie and blame the Liberals’ stops working.

    1. Declare war on ISIS or whom ever, and proceed to blow up the world.
    2. Detonate a smart bomb in California, blame it on the gays, Muslims, liberals, etc., declare martial law and proceed to blow up the world.
    3. Terror Tweet every enemy into submission.

    Resignation? Not a freakin chance.

  12. Fran Seyer says:

    Mike Pence is a horrible person with regards to any women’s rights and forcing his Christianity throughout our state of IN…..he is simply the worst.

  13. Hey, Donnie.

    Here’s your hat. What’s your hurry?

  14. Mike Pence and Paul Ryan need to be thrown out with Trump. We need a whole new election without interference.

  15. charles phillips says:

    Shortly after trump was elected, I predicted he wouldn’t last a year, probably not 6 months, then immediately thought that was too pessimistic. However, it looks like I might have been right, albeit for the wrong reasons: I thought he would be too bored and frustrated to last long, not that he would be too corrupt and a traitor.

    Whoever we get to replace him HAS to be better than this guy. Pence is a crazy man, sure, but not crazy enough to blow up the world for his own gratification. Ryan is dumb, sure, but smart enough to listen to advisors. Tillerson won’t take the job, Mnuchin can’t hold it, and Mattis is not likely to run on his own to keep it. Hatch might work out, if not well, then well enough.

    In short, 2020 is ours to lose, certainly the White House, probably the Senate, and maybe the House. Now all we need is a younger candidate and Russia’s thumb off the scale.

  16. Old Quaker (Colorado) says:

    If Trump resigns Pence becomes potus. Fitst order of business is he needs to nominate a new VP. The test of the succession is moot. Only if they all crook or resign together would the line of succession matter.

  17. slipstream says:

    No, you have the line of succession all wrong. If Donald Trump is deposed from the throne, then Ivanka Trump becomes president.

    Don’t believe me? That’s how Lisa Murkowski became a US senator: appointed by her daddy.

    And let’s not even mention Cersei Lannister.

    Princess power!

  18. Jane & PKM says:

    Anyone watch the Spicer round ball his briefing? He was rounding those corners so fast, he managed to lose even himself. Did he say anything worth capturing on a transcript? After Kayleigh Mcwhatever’s defense of Mike Flynn, not sure, but this administration seems to think digging a hole is a bunker.

  19. charles phillips says:

    Beg pardon, Old Quaker, but succession IS important. Of those I listed, only Hatch and Mattis are untouched by the scandals. Ryan would be wise to pass on the promotion, as he is at least tangentially dirty.

    And this will get dirtier by far. As far as depths of scandal are concerned, this is Oak Island.

  20. Lunargent says:

    I think Trump would be very willing to resign, for the right – consideration.

    Yep, just offer him immunity and a truly staggering pile of cash, and he’ll suddenly develop a “medical condition” and be outta there so fast he’ll leave a vapor trail.

    I say let’s do it. I don’t care if it’s naked bribery – totally worth it.

  21. Jane & PKM says:

    Lunargent, Donnie has already helped himself to a significant pile of our cash over the years and has really had sticky fingers since 1/20. Maybe in exchange for not prosecuting him within an inch of his sorry ____, we allow that IF he takes every corrupt person around him, particularly his family, with him when he departs, then “all is forgiven.” That would also mean that not one snacilbupeR in the line of succession be allowed to occupy the Oval Office.

    New election and maybe coax President Obama to fill in for 3 months while we hold elections. If not President Obama, I’d bet my first born son that Vice President Biden would oblige us.

  22. slipstream –
    I’d accept Ivanka as Prez, as long as Paris Hilton is VP.

  23. Rick:

    Not funny! (but lol anyway)

  24. Do a Nixon/Agnew/Ford!

    impeach Pence, among others, while working a resignation deal with Trump. Allow Trump to 10 years at Club Fed, forgiving the harshest penalties for treason.

    As part of Trump’s resigned deal he appoints Bernie as VP. This is voted in as part of the shame on the allowed transgressions.

  25. If wishes were fishes. They don’t have nearly enough leverage on Flynn to produce a Trump resignation.

  26. Jane & PKM says:

    Ted, Bernie/Biden or Biden/Bernie tomorrow, if not sooner.

    But part of any deal for Donnie must include a ‘clean sweep.’ None of his swamp rats allowed to stay.

  27. maryelle says:

    Mattis is the only one in that deplorable line of succession who
    is capable and honorable enough to be Commander-in-Chief.
    Trump may be indicted even if he resigns, so no payoffs just finally a prison sentence for the criminals.

  28. I don’t think trump will resign maybe file for bankruptcy. That he knows how to do!

  29. charles phillips says:

    This last night from Rachel Maddow;

    I’d forgotten about this, but it looks like Pence will have his hands full keeping HIS job.

  30. Robin Frazier says:

    If Trump resigns it is not the end. There have been a boatload of crimes committed by dozens. Then Pence is in this up to his neck. Ryan and McConnell too. Ryan used hacked data. Turtle has skeletons the size of Goliath in his closet. I have no doubt Putin has a ton of real bad stuff on him. Notice how quiet he has been. It would be nice to see Trump out of the White House because he is such a jerk and it is beyond embarrassing but they all need to be in jail. I hope SECDEF ends up President after the smoke clears. Mattis is the only Cabinet member not tainted…I hope. And imo I think he would be a good caretaker. The best thing if he does resign is he goes straight in front of a Grand Jury. If Pence pardons him Repugs are done gone history. Congress members can be convicted without impeachment. It is only the Pres, that has immunity without being removed from office. One other thought once he resigns he becomes a private citizen again and even with SS protection I bet he gets killed.

  31. See ya, a $$holes.

  32. two crows says:

    Tweety is foolish enough to think that, if he steps down, the investigations will end. BUT, if Pence and Ryan end the investigations, given how much has already surfaced, they’ll be next on the chopping block. So that WILL NOT HAPPEN.

    Hell, we might even learn the salacious details of exactly what Russia actually did — simply because, if we didn’t, heads would roll. And they can’t have THAT.

  33. e platypus onion says:

    When wingnuts assess the damage to their brand they will prolly sue for peace and throw some people under the bus for the privilege of staying in power. Once stuff gets back to normal, wingnuts will go off on another bender to destroy the government because they cannot govern and don’t care if everyone knows it.

  34. Irish in S.C. says:

    Memories of Nixon; If the snacilbupers pay attention to history they will ask Pence to resign before tRump so that they can appoint an unimpeachable Veep before the Cheeto resigns. Remember the very Crooked Spiro Agnew!

  35. Jane & PKM says:

    maryelle, nyet to Maddog Mattis. “Shoot them down and sort them out on the ground” is not an acceptable strategy moving forward. Or, in Maddog’s own words: “6. “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” That’s the nature of the Donnie regime that the kill at all costs guy seems reasonable guy in their crowd.

    Robin Frazier, “the least tainted guy” is both a low and scary bar.

    Let’s return to common sense. There are no gain(s) to be achieved from killing civilians or annihilating populations. In the end, the common sense of the people will prevail. We have a choice to be the one’s with the common sense, or allow let the bed wetting, fear sucking disturbed people to determine how we live.

  36. it’s my understanding that Flynn’s offer to talk, in return for immunity, was turned down. which means they either have enough, without Flynn’s immunized testimony, or this isn’t going anywhere, so they don’t need it. my money (at this point) is on “not going anywhere, don’t need it” option.

  37. Tilphousia says:

    The whole rotten White House gang must go. Pence is evil, crooked and as rotten as trump. Appoint a new VP, Bernie would do quite well, the they all resign, are arrested, tried, convicted of treason, cottuption, the list goes on and on. They spen their golden (gold paint) years in a SHU.

  38. I really like Michael Steele. He seems like a responsible, articulate, and reasonable guy. And yet, so many of the bad actors of today came onto the national stage under his leadership…

  39. Old Fart, we weren’t all that impressed with Michael Steele when he was in Maryland. Of course it didn’t help that the RNC hustled him out to… was it Illinois? trying to get him elected on the “Hey, we have a black guy too!” platform, which didn’t work.

  40. Rhea, I think you’re conflating Steele (Lieutenant Governor in Maryland) with Alan Keyes (unsuccessfully ran at various times in Maryland and then moved to Illinois to run against Obama in 2004). Old Fart, I’ve come to like Steele lately too, but reading his Wikipedia entry reminded me that he’s a RWNJ and not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  41. maryelle says:

    We’d be hard pressed to find a Rethuglican with whom to entrust our country. The whole election should be declared null and void and the person who won the popular majority installed as Commander-in-Chief: Clinton/Kaine!

  42. WA Skeptic says:

    I’m not going to hold my breath. Too many RWNJs in politics.

    Doesn’t mean I can’t pray for a myocardial event.

  43. CJ is already having twanging nerves. He walked out of a room without signing the Executive Order sitting in front of him. Bizarre. That’s what witnesses called it.

  44. I think the Repubs would be ecstatic if Trump resigned. They don’t want to impeach him since that might rile the basest of the Repub base.

    Their ecstasy would be misplaced. Trump would probably be louder and Twittier and more vindictive if he felt forced out. He would target Dems a bit, but odds are he’d mostly go after Repubs for not supporting him.

    Trump will not leave quietly. He doesn’t do anything quietly.

  45. Lunargent says:

    Much as I despise his politics, Orrin Hatch at least knows how government works, and probably isn’t embroiled with Russia.

  46. L'Angelomisterioso says:

    @WA Skeptic#2- I’d hope you’re mistaken, if not there’d only be the reason that tRUMPfistas would not, and could not imagine themselves on the receiving end of said gunfire.I’ve got the feeling that lots of tRUMPfistas would do a Nugent then disappear. this includes the tRUMPf himself.

  47. AliceBeth says:

    I thought the way he walked out and did not sign an executive order (and he loves to do that) after he got a question he did not like and could not answer…spoke volumes. He really does not want to do the job.