Republican Crickets

August 31, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Kellybee sent me an email this morning noticing how quiet the Republicans have become since President Obama took out bin Laden and this dude —-

Has anyone noticed the Republicans’ non-response to the news that the Obama administration has just knocked off the most pivotal player in al Qaeda?

Perhaps you didn’t hear about this. On Saturday, counter-terrorism officials announced that a drone attack had wasted the group’s number two, the chief of international operations. Experts are saying that, on the significance scale, this new hit arguably ranks with the hit on Osama bin Laden ….

The President’s plan of taking out the terrorist leaders is so superior than anything Bush / Cheney ever did, that the Republican response has been …. hummm, I hear crickets.

So much for President Obama being an al Qaeda sympathizer or Democrats being weak on national security.

Crickets.  That’s all we hear from the GOP. Well, at least that beats the whine we generally hear.

Thanks to Kellybee for the heads-up.

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5 Comments to “Republican Crickets”

  1. A Republican president woulda done it……better.

  2. The last Republican President we had couldn’t find his derriere with both hands! Just sayin’!

  3. This is the kind of ammo the Dems need, without trying to exploit it, Rudy Giuliani style. You know, just remind the folks on this 10th anniversary of that most horrible day of what Mr. Obama and his administration have done to rid the world of these terrorists.

  4. I caught the news of the #2 take-out on CNN’s website and cheered. I stay away from Fox News and the like, I do.

  5. While I’m not sorry that al-Rahman has gone to his heavenly reward, I am disgusted that our foreign policy and security strategy have been reduced to a series o assassinatIons. Either we as a nation believe in the rule of law or we don’t.