Remember Jim Bakker?

June 05, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Surely you haven’t forgotten about Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker even though you tried like hell to.

Jim’s back.  He’s preaching.  Of damn course.

And there’s people who listen and give him money. Of damn course.

Now this is a little difficult to follow and even harder to believe.  So here I go.

First off, he says the recent terror attacks and Trump’s trip to Israel were the result of the closing of the Ringling Brothers Circus.  Apparently, that’s all about the elephants.

Now wait, it makes sense somewhere.

Bakker blamed the Ringling Brothers closure on a nonexistent national law banning elephants from the circus—while a few cities have barred circus workers from using bullhooks, there is no national law against performing elephants—which he contrasted with the legalization of abortion.

Bakker says it clear as day.  The circus was closed because of elephants and elephants are the symbol of the Republican Party.  God sent a coded message that Trump (the Republican Party) is going to be shut down.

Now see, I think the message is – the circus is over because you elected the damn clown.

Bakker doesn’t see it that way.

“Revelation is now, people,” Bakker continued. “Here’s what God spoke to me: The circus is over. Life as we know it, unless we turn back to God, it’s not going to be fun anymore.”

Really?  Honey, life as I’ve known it since January is not fun at all.

Thanks to Carl for the heads up.

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19 Comments to “Remember Jim Bakker?”

  1. Coprolite says:

    Why does God only talk to crazy people?

  2. This stuff just writes itself, no disrespect to JJ

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    Jimmy Bakker was once forgiven his sins. Being married to Tammy Faye was as good an excuse as any.

    But. Now that they are divorced, what’s Jimmy’s excuse for his current crazy?

    Shouldn’t his terms of probation preclude any & all pass the plate panhandling in the name of his imaginary sky puppy?

  4. Maybe God’s coded message using elephants, the symbol of the Republican Party, is that God has finally had it and is telling us the Republican Party, like the circus, SHOULD also be shut down.

  5. BarbinDC says:

    That’s IT! He’s the reincarnation of P.T. Barnum hisownself!

    “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

  6. However, Trump is putting on enough weight to replace the GOP’s symbol, so Armageddon might be delayed. Remember Trump can’t even walk 700 yards.

  7. Now, I am certain I missed my true calling…. I should have been a carney barker preacher saying spouting loonyisms for which many people would throw money at me…

    Or, I could have just been a repugnican…

  8. He’s just as crazy as ever!

  9. JAKvirginia says:

    So… God is now The Lord of the Rings. Sigh….

  10. Teh Gerg says:

    Bakker is living proof that not only can some people not tell the difference between reason and rationalization, but they’re really not even good at rationalization, either. He’s gone from pretzel logic to pretzel illogic.

  11. Teh Gerg says:

    It’s sort of like he and Goober Ghomert are sharing about a third of a dodo’s brain with each other, or maybe channeling each other.

  12. RepubAnon says:

    Reminds me of a line from Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land: “A con man knows he’s lying – it limits his scope. Preachers don’t know they’re lying- there’s no limit to their scope…”

  13. e platypus onion says:

    Bakker didn’t use his prison time wisely, now did he?

  14. @Teh Gerg: comparing Farenthold and Gohmert to a dodo is an insult to dodos. Please be more respectful to those poor birds…

  15. @RepubAnon


  16. Ted in Austin says:

    JAKvirginia, I’m afraid She is more “Lord of the Flies!” I’m gonna have to break out my copy of the writngs of John the Revelator just to try to get a grip on the coming Armageddon times that Drumph seems to be presaging!

  17. maryelle says:

    Once a con man, always…..

  18. mark neal says:

    Sadly, back in the day (Seventies) my grandfather gave a lot of money to Jim & Tammy.
    My mother kidnapped him and brought him to Texas…….

  19. Tilphousia says:

    ROFLMAO. Can’t help myself. Jimmy boy is as looney toons as it’s possible to be. And what does that say about those who throw money at him? Reminds me of a Monty Python movie “The Life of Brian” where the true followers followed a sandle on a stick. Jimmy’s followers make about as much sense. And as traitor trump is the new rethuglican mascot, well, his obscene obeseness sure is big enough. But he doesn’t do tricks. But maybe, just maybe we could make him disappear!