Prescription for Chaos

October 12, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Healthcare

In an idiotic ceremony today, Trump hurled a blazing molotov cocktail into the nation’s health insurance program by abruptly ending $7 billion of subsidies that make insurance affordable for millions of Americans.  Every health organization opposed the move, but he predictably did it anyway, and all the normal morons showed up at the WH today to celebrate killing off poor Americans.

Trump has already cut the enrollment period for 2018 in half, cut the advertising budget by 90% and slashed the navigator program which helps people enroll.  Even though the ACA survived repeal by the knuckle draggers in Congress, it looks like Trump was the useful idiot who signs everything put in front of him, and he did it again today.

Hopefully, when the program implodes, voters will understand who did it, but I’m not holding my breath.

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16 Comments to “Prescription for Chaos”

  1. And when those poor slobs who voted for him start losing coverage, they will blame Obama or Hillary or anyone except the idiot.

  2. Mark my words. Donnie f*****g Douchebag has just ended his usefulness to the repugnantcan party. If this executive order performs as expected, his ass is dogmeat. Every douchebag repugnantcan is gonna suddenly realize how sleazy Donnie is and clutch his/her pearls as they distance themselves from the F***ING ABOMINATION that they’ve supported long enough to gut Obamacare. I’m gonna predict that at that point we’re gonna see at least a little bit of the ole compassionate conservative pitch again.

  3. yet another baby boomer says:

    Ending the subsidies in the middle of the night. Cowards, all of them! The blowback on this should be huge but we’ll see. It’s going to hurt a lot of us, old enough to be discriminated against but too young for medicare for several more years. Guess I’ll die. Trying really hard to see a potential bright side in that maybe this will hasten single payer. Maybe it’ll get people to vote the monstera out next year. But right now I just feel anxious and angry. Ms. Juanita Jean and beauty shop patrons, please vent, er, comment with your usual blistering witty snark. We all need it so we can get riled up (even more than usual) and raise some hellfire to reign down on DC.

  4. But to be clear, that compassion will actually be for shareholders of the corporations that profit on our misery and that of our children and neighbors. And as usual, they’ll paint themselves as the hardworking folks trying to save everyone from the dire situations they’ve enabled, if not created.

  5. Not claiming any special prescience here or anything. It’s more like a life of observing USAians has turned my outlook on the future very dim. Trump has turned out, so far, to be as bad as I initially imagined and then some. Neither “the system” nor the people running it have been able to stop him. Millions of angry well armed people adore him. Considering that the unthinkable happens with increasing frequency and the stakes involved are potentially enormous I am pretty sure we haven’t even begun to plumb the depths of the coming depravity. GOPs aren’t going to stop it, that’s obvious. We are witnessing history in real time, my friends and I don’t expect to enjoy any of the coming chapters.

  6. Keeping in mind that the Current Occupant is a chronic, pathological liar, interested more in appearance than in reality, one can reasonably suggest that it may not be that bad:
    What Did Trump’s Health Care Executive Order Do?
    Nothing yet. But it could matter for people who buy their own insurance or get it from work in the long-term.

    This is a link to a NYT article which was published on MSN this morning. Hope it works.’s-health-care-executive-order-do/ar-AAtmZrU?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp

  7. Tilphousia says:

    Traitor trump shows yet again the depths of his depravity. He want to cut insurance for 27 million people and increase the nuclear arsenal from 4,000 to 32,000 ( approx). The law suits are coming. Many states attorneys general have already filed. Trump thinks his bully boy tactics will work against seasoned politicians. But then traitor trump is a moron who thinks it would take him about 90 minutes to learn all about missles. Traitor trump is clearly insane, not just demented.

  8. My late husband cautioned us all about anyone in the family applying for ACA even if they are truly eligible. He thought the ACA was a terrific idea and in his view terrific ideas that actually help a whole lot of people are the ones that get shot down by the opposition, later maybe than sooner. He would have liked to see a national health plan like Canada has as well as so many other countries, large and small. He felt the ACA was simply not protected from politics. We were on Medicare anyway but other younger members of the family tried to get health insurance on their own. The premiums started out comfortably enough but grew to King Kong proportions. These family members had to drop out. They are still not insured. And whatever tRump thinks he is doing “to give them a break” ain’t nowhere to be found. Have told these young ones that Canada is due north. That country gives their health plan to those who are in waiting to become citizens.

  9. Did you see how 45 almost walked out on his own signing party?

    He is so addled that he thought the rah-rah speech was all he needed to do to have his word become “law”.

    I wonder how many people he has doomed through his actions (and inactions)…

  10. Maggie: I don’t know, but I’m brushing up on my Spanish. Lots of US expats living well in places like Panama with decent and cheap healthcare…just sayin’.

  11. Papagena, I well know that Mexico also has a plan and that a lot of retirees have actually relocated there. I hear that they fid the medical locations clean and professional. I would like to know if they are in any way anxious about a wall being built on the border so they conniver visit with their family and friends ever again.

  12. Isn’t the ACA a law which was passed by Congress, all parts of it including the subsidies and mandates? Then how can Trump repeal parts of it with just an executive order?
    New York and California have filed suit, but it should be a Federal case to uphold the law against the Moron-in-Chief.

  13. So, when Barack Obama uses his discretion to not deport the Dreamers and others, it’s a failure to uphold the law according to Republicans. But, when Donald Trump pulls Congressionally approved funding from the Affordable Care Act, it’s okay????

    Personally, I see a huuuge difference between a prosecutor’s discretion under DACA, and refusing to use money as appropriated, directing it elsewhere, and not following the explicit terms of a valid health care law.

  14. @Papagena

    Two words for ya: Puerto Peñasco, Shhhhh!

  15. Micr:

    RE: Tow words – It’s only a four hour drive from where I live here in the West.

    Panama has a John Hopkins Affiliated hospital in Panama City. Most of Panama’s doctors are educated in the US.

  16. @Papagena

    DFW to YUM via PHX on AA. It IS way expensive however and takes tons of patience with folk who just aren’t as motivated as I.