Poor Bill

June 30, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Bill O’Reilly has become so upset with gay marriage becoming just plain ole marriage that he invented a new meme.  He got those little spittle things forming at the edges of his mouth and had a meltdown over the White House putting rainbow lights out to celebrate.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.05.35 AMO’Reilly said President Obama “did an ‘in your face’ to traditional Americans” with the White House display.

The Fox host also blasted comedian Stephen Colbert for mocking Justice Antonin Scalia’s dissent in the gay marriage ruling. O’Reilly said Colbert “might want to think about alienating traditional Americans to the extent he has — it could be very bad for business.”

Traditional Americans?  As opposed to Untraditional Americans? Well, I’ll be damned, against all odds O’Reilly did in fact find another way to divide this country.

Just think, if this country had traditional people running it we would still have child labor,women without the vote, slavery, poll tax, and a helluva lot of muskets.

I’m gonna let Bill in on a hint.  We just do this stuff to piss him off.  There’s no other reason.  I mean, you know for a fact that President Obama said, “Let’s rainbow-up the White House!  That’ll get O’Reilly going!” followed by uproarious laughter.

Hey Bill, we’re poking you with a stick, boy.  We’ve earned it and, by gawd, so have you.


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32 Comments to “Poor Bill”

  1. W. C. (Pete) Peterson says:

    Whoever it is that actually watches Bill O’Really, I thank you. Somebody has to do it, I guess, but it will never be me. Faux Nooz and Faux Bidnez Nooz are both on my channel line-up with Comcast, but I avoid their drivel at all costs, even though I’m in their “target demographics”. I went to college, you see.

  2. e platypus onion says:

    As I have said before,whatever galls and pukes wingnuts is good for America,body and soul.

    After yet another Scalia dissent is there any doubt that wingnuts have politicized the Scotus? What became of fair and impartial judiciary?

    O T-palin now says pregnancy was planned.

    http://abc7.com/entertainment/bristol-palin-daughter-of-sarah-palin-shares-sonogram-image/815484/ (sorry for the OT,Mama)

  3. A couple of us were talking with an old white guy that said he wasn’t bigoted or anything but he had a problem with five people wearing a robe setting down major policy. He thought it should have been a public referendum. That’s when we pointed out that if we’d left it up to referendum we would still be segregated. We probably wouldn’t have interracial marriage either.

    Pointing out the 5-4 votes that have gone the other way is obvious and it’s already been done. The whole point they don’t understand is that a constitutional democracy has majority rule, but guarantees that everyone has certain rights that can’t be violated by the majority. History has shown that the majority often doesn’t care about the rights of the minority.

  4. Many years ago, I heard Pat Buchanan make a similar argument about being gay. He said that people aren’t actually gay, they just want to make the good people angry.

    That seems like a ridiculous thing to do just to make someone mad, but hey… these guys know what they’re talking about, right? They couldn’t just be babbling to fill air time.

  5. Lorraine in Spring says:

    This might be the best year before an election we’ve ever had.

    The GOP Clown Car jokes write themselves.

    Obamacare was upheld and will continue to save lives. And we know the GOP hates to save lives if it costs more than a dime.

    Gerrymandering? Buh-Bye!

    SCOTUS took SSM off the table but the crazzzies can’t stand to lose a culture issue for it’s “warriors”.

    And then, there’s Trump.

    The Billos & Bimbos of Fox are getting angrier.

    Since I’m off popcorn and I don’t drink, it’s either chocolate or Dum-Dums lollipops. Actually, that’s kinda appropriate for the next 17 months. Dum-Dums it is.

    Here’s a bigger stick. Keep poking.

  6. Marcia in CO says:

    OMG … this just totally made me LOL this morning!! Thank you!! LOL

  7. One of the other rightwing krazies said that recent flooding in D.C. was caused by the White House being illuminated with rainbow lights. He said that is God’s rainbow, dammit, and Obama was misappropriating it, so God did a 180 and brought the flooding AFTER the rainbow this time. Got it? Me neither.

  8. Stephen Colbert couldn’t care less about old bigots; the demographics he’s targeting is everybody but people like O’Reilly & Scalia.

  9. I can proudly say I have not watched one second of Fox News..with the exception of news clips of Bill and the rest of them having their screaming fits..my life is so much better for it.

  10. maryelle says:

    Sorry, Billy boy, but ALL Americans are guaranteed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and “traditional” Americans don’t get to vote about it. It’s a given, you knucklehead.

  11. Bill O’Reilly so reveres “traditional” marriage he threw his ex-wife down the stairs in front of their daughter. And sexually harassed a woman who worked for him.

    He’s a fine one to talk.

  12. austinhatlady says:

    Received an email last night that two women friends got married Friday night in Austin.Yeah! Expecting to hear about some men friends soon. Omelettry of the men was out of town on Friday and couldn’t get a flight back to celebrate with his partner so he posted a picture of a full martini glass and a few snacks as a stand in. Isn’t love grand?

  13. I have long thought that right-wingers like Bill truly believe that we all secretly agree with them on all issues and we say otherwise just to be difficult. I mean, these guys once called themselves the ‘Moral Majority’ even though they were neither.

  14. Now, JJ, you know full well Obama doesn’t just target a reaction from Bill. I reckon there’s a desire to stir all sorts of folks up: Hannity and Limbaugh for instance.

    I figure his team probably plays something like Bullshit Bingo. Where you create a bingo card with phrases or statements (buzzwords for business) and first person to make a bingo, stands up and yells “Bullshit” (apologies to Mama). Doing something like that combined with taking a drink for each might make watching Faux News tolerable.

  15. eyesoars says:

    Maybe somebody will buy BillO a drink — “Scalia’s bitter tears”.

    I’d suggest creating a new drink, “Bill’s Toxic Cleanse”, but it would have to contain hemlock along with the Serutan and bitters.

  16. It’s a real pity that Bill-O’s first name isn’t Dick. That would be so appropriate.

  17. Hollyanna says:

    Why do these people think that they are entitled to vote on the rights of others?

  18. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Why does Bilgo hate America?

    Sorry about your luck Bill, but the 14th Amendment covers all citizens.

    As for all those folks wearing out their new dog whistle, “traditional.” Seriously? That calls for action by the First Nations to slap the word out of your bigoted mouths. If anyone has a claim on the word “traditional,” it would be the original settlers of this land we call home.

    To accommodate all the hypocrites that “until death do us part” segment of the vows needs an update. How about this, Donald, Bill, Newt, et al: ‘until death or DIVORCE do us part?’

  19. Many say that religious beliefs are BS, others stress patriotism is also nonsense. I agree with both but one of the worse things are TRADITIONS!!!!
    Traditions…the BS stuff my grandfather did for no good reason and so will I!!!

  20. If by “Traditional Americans” Bill O’Reilly means those with an English English Dictionary in their home so they can translate the written dissents of Scalia, I think Stephen Colbert can manage quite well without that subset of viewers.

  21. Attention Beauty Shop:

    I found out not an hour ago…… my daughter and her partner (room mate) of 30 years are getting married. Don’t know where.(somewhere in Texas…. don’t know when….. all TBD.)

    I’m delighted to share the news. She’s happy. For me, that’s all that matters.

    Bill-O, and his “traditionalists” can kiss my A**.

    (sorry Momma).

  22. JAKvirginia says:

    Thank you for that good news, Miemaw.

    And Momma, I’m sure your a lovely person. And I understand your feelings about cussing, especially here. But, y’know, some people are just so pig-headed and hateful that cussing at them seems just. And Momma, before you leave this earth, I hope you take the opportunity to cuss a blue streak at these hateful, vile excuses for human beings. I truly don’t believe the Good Lord will mind one bit.

  23. Mike in Pearland says:

    Marriage is a racket anyway

    Laws protecting the rights of LGBT people are necessary: tax laws, inheritance laws, discrimination in employment laws, access of significant others to health insurance, etc.

    The point is that marriage is the lynchpin to so many rights that it is natural to advocate same-sex marriage under the current régime.

    Why does marriage need to be so important in law? Marriage is a sucker’s game. In most hunter-gatherer societies it did not exist. In many indigenous societies today, it is unknown. Only with the adoption of agriculture did marriage become an “institution.”

    Rather than be thrown into the quicksand of the marriage hustle, how about instead overhauling antiquated laws that confer some special status to married people?

  24. @Miemaw, I’m happy for your daughter! Thirty years with one mate is better than most of those A-holes on Faux Nooze we kept hearing from.

  25. The GOP used to present itself as the party of American business. Now it’s the party of giving Americans the business. As for O’Reilly, his named is on a bestselling ghostwritten life of Jesus, but, in person, he can’t figure out that the story of the rich young ruler is not a parable. The disciples who witnessed the scene knew that it was not a parable.

  26. BO’R, Limp-paw and their ilk are freaked because there is yet another big fat SCOTUS decision coming up as soon as the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in N’Leans swears that the President does not have the power to use executive action, mostly cuz he’s black. DOJ is ready to catapult that decision right into Roberts’ lap at the height of the Presidential campaign season after the nominating conventions. This is the one the GOP is really sweating about: the complete loss of the Latino vote. This executive action is about Deferred Action on Parents of the children who are already covered by Deferred Action on Children brought here by their illegally entering parents. DACA and DAPA sound like pincer movements. No wonder the GOP is trying to fade into the shade!

  27. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Congratulation to daughter of Miemaw and her soon to be spouse. Legal in all 50 states, as marriage should be.

    Progress! Makes it less embarrassing to be an American today. Clean the GOP out of Congress in 2016, so we can be proud Americans soon.

    DACA, DAPA, and all that alphabet soup. Just bring on the comprehensive immigration reform. Citizens raised and educated in the USA should be encouraged to stay. What sort of ghoulish knuckle head would want to split up family units? Seriously GOP, “family values” is another phrase that requires slapping out of your bigoted mouths.

  28. Sam in San Antonio says:

    Bill’s audience is a 70+ white male conservative/bigot. That’s no longer traditional and it damn sure isn’t American.

  29. Dont recollect Brillo from his time in Dallas at WFAA.
    Never watched Inside Edition, so gosh…
    Surf right past Fauxsnooze as fast as the channel changer tolerates.

    Stephen Colbert by comparison is the hand picked successor of the second best talk show host in history, Dave Letterman. (Not that it matters Dave being the hand picked successor of the best talk show host in history John William Carson.)

    So wth is Bill O’Reilly exactly?

  30. And he thinks implying more then half of the US is untraditional Americans is good for His business????????

  31. Linda Phipps says:

    I was faintly surprised at the rainbow lights on the White House, but bowled over that the same was done at Disneyland. Now, there’s a bastion of wholesome traditional quivery families if there ever was one, and I never heard one peep about it.

  32. Linda, course not, no peeps whatever about the Disneyland rainbow light display cuz Walt was white and everybody’s uncle! No what I’m saying’?