“Playing with Fire” – New President to Keep His Private Security

December 19, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

In true form in a world where rules and laws don’t apply to him, Cheeto Jesus has decided to keep his private security detail in addition to the Secret Service.  It’s pretty much consensus that having divided security is stupid, and only increases the risks for him and his family.  However, since the laws of physics and common sense don’t apply to CJ, he’ll go his own way.

Maybe the MSM will begin reporting on all these abnormalities, when he closes the White House briefing room and turns it back into a swimming pool for his Miss Teen USA parties.



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15 Comments to ““Playing with Fire” – New President to Keep His Private Security”

  1. Folks, Trump et al are the living actual Soprano family. Remember them? Right down to a T!

  2. We watched him campaign for almost 2 years. Why should this surprise anybody? Am I alarmed? Not as long as the Secret Service guys don’t get harmed in the cross fire.

  3. So… This reduces his personal security… And we’re worried about this? Umm…

  4. He wants his plane and his security. He needs constant attention so he will be a road show. Meanwhile, chaos in the capital with a bunch of idiots!

  5. Why stop there?
    Bring in a random NRA Member every day, with one of his/her own personal side arms from their home collection, to show Americans how much safer they’d be when you add to the festivities.

  6. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Has there ever been a dictator that did not have a “security force” whose loyalty was unquestionably to the dictator. So we have to ask to whom are these private security people loyal? The USA or P. Grabber. (You can call him CJ or whatever, I’ll always know him as the grabber.)

    You know everyone on his private security force has signed a non-disclosure agreement so they won’t publish a book when P. Grabber gets impeached.

  7. Linda Phipps says:

    Presumably, if “the grabber” gets impeached his lawsuits would get tossed out. But, that’s fantasizing that after the Thing takes office that all constitutional protections would notl be nullified. Congress would rather chew off their limbs than impeach their fuhrer.

  8. I do recall that all the Roman Emperors- Claudius, for example – had their own Imperial guards, who by the way, were also at the Emperor’s beck and call for assassinations as well as guard duty. Please remember that considering the fact that the Sopranos are now moving to the White House. At any rate, if CJ does use his private squad as hit men, the Secret Service is off the hook for the blame.

    As for Congress savoring their own limbs, not so much. They are just as ambitious and two-faced as their “leader”. If they see him getting in their way too much or becoming even more irrational thereby smudging their party image for re-election, he’s going down.

  9. I’ve got to take it one step further. I believe Ryan, McConnell and a lot of repugnantcans would like nothing better than to impeach Donnie. Remember, he used to be a democrat. Politico had a story a few days ago about him having backroom chats with Schumer. That’s GOT to scare the hell out ofm. He’s a loose cannon. Mike Pence on the other hand is their dream come true. He’s reliably conservative on all the right issues. Seems to me that they would consider him predictable. The only reason they have to hesitate is alienating his base. But when you consider the infrastructure And resources they’ve got available to influence public opinion, and the fact that all they need is a few more stories like the Schumer piece, and Donnie Douchebag does a lot of it on his own.

  10. Remember, Donnie: it was the Praetorian Guard that assassinated Claudius.

  11. How do we know that the private security force are not Putin’s spies? Have they been vetted at the highest level?

  12. I assume we taxpayers have to foot the bill for his private security?

  13. That Other Jean says:

    I agree with Napoleon: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” If the Walking Cheeto wants to put himself and his family at greater risk than if he let the Secret Service do their jobs, I can’t stop him.

  14. WA Skeptic, let’s hope the Cheetoh-faced Ferret-wearing Shitgibbon Cocksplat’s private mercenaries know this story too.

    He better be paying his private mercenaries out of his own pocket – not mine!

  15. So we’ll be paying twice and he’ll be getting far less efficient security in the process. I wouldn’t mind the second half of that equation so much if innocents weren’t going to be caught in the crossfire as a result. But they will.