Pick the Perv

November 10, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

CNN has a video of Republican leaders being questioned about Roy Moore.  It’s 44 seconds of them smiling, chuckling, gesturing, and waving off any questions about Moore.  I don’t know how to embed CNN videos here so you’re going to have to follow this link to see it.  (It’s the second video on the page.)

It’s disgusting.

Even more disgusting is the fact that it looks like a pervert line-up.  All these old, white, Republican men thinking this whole thing is funny.

Wipe that smile off your face, McConnell.


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24 Comments to “Pick the Perv”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    In the ‘tradition’ of hypocritical House Speakers, when does Lyin’ Ryan plan to confess? Dawg knows what sins Mikey Dense is hiding behind Mother’s skirts and the tablecloth. That old saying “point a finger” seems to be more than appropriate to Republicans.

  2. Marge Wood says:

    Back when churches didn’t have lady preachers, a preacher I knew said we don’t want lady preachers because they’re better than we are. There needs to be a picture here. He wasn’t an uppity preacher. He was laughing. But this hearing, where are the women? The room full of men with guilty looks are all there, sticking up for each other. (I’m not counting the men here at Juanita Jean’s). I’m guessing these smirking men have sent the women off to make coffee and buy sandwiches and fume.

  3. Yeah, those are are all giggling over the fact that McTurtle has just denied funding to Roy Moore! They really, really have to decide between having another R Senator or a pervert. There are just way too many people who can back up the stories of the complainants. And as for the cr** that it all happened way so long ago doesn’t feed the bull dog! And any real jurist would know that! but Roy is not really a judge. He just plays one on TV!

  4. maggie said, “decide between having another R Senator or a pervert,” and I thought, “There’s a difference?????”

    I’ve decided that what GOP really stands for is Gathering of Perverts.

    I didn’t watch the video because I don’t need to be any more enraged. I am willing to bet that video just cost the Gathering Of Perverts party another hundreds of thousands of votes.

    BTW, comedian Louis CK admitted the allegations against him are true. Other comedians said they’d heard rumors. Okay, you males who’ve heard rumors/jokes/stories about various men – OUT THEM RIGHT NOW!!! There’s nothing to wait for except more victimization.

  5. As for that jackass with that crack about a teenage Mary Mother of God marrying a way older Joseph, I find that really, really and extremely offensive! Not just to me and other women but to the Mother of God! Course he was too stupid to figure that out aforehand! Dammit! He had better apologize and if he doesn’t I hope there are enough people near him to give him a damn hard time!

  6. Appalling is no where near a strong enough word for the comments made by AL Rs- not just Mary and Joseph (I didn’t learn in CCD that Joey was a pedophile, I learned that she was “ever virgin”) but guys saying even if the accusations are true, better a pedophile than a Democrat.

    Ladies, time to take over!

  7. Nothing new here. The old white ten commandment touting repugnicans are so frequently the perverts who don’t keep them,
    especially if they hail from the South.

  8. I am ready for some Old Testament retribution. I think the next person who makes some reference to Jesus, Joseph and Mary and Roy Moore should be struck by a bolt of lightning or just spontaneously burst into flames.

  9. Vonda N. McIntyre says:

    It’s clear to me that abusing women is a feature not a bug for these guys.

  10. Maggie & AliceBeth— yes! Thank you!!! Stepping back on some of the ridiculous ‘sound bites’ is important.

  11. dobleremolque says:

    Ah yes, “whited sepulchre” Christianity, …. pious on the outside, vile on the inside. Jesus had ’em pegged in Matt. 23:27.

  12. Tilphousia says:

    Seems to me that instead of ranting and spending so much time trying to “make America Christian”, all those old white men would better spend their time making their churches Christian. Not to mention themselves.

  13. Nica Brian says:

    Not a chance that’s going to happen after all the time they’ve spent perverting their Christian faith to fit their desires and wants. For them Christianity is their beard.

    btw- amazing how old and unnecessary that word sounds now. You’ve come a long way, baby!

  14. And now I can start yet another day really pissed with Roy Moore, particularly his brother who just compared him to Jesus! Buster, may that lightening bolt find you!

  15. Grabby Old Perverts — the GOP.

  16. How to end a conversation with our Republican friends:

    You SHOULD follow your conscience. Far be it for me to stop you from being a hypocrite and supporting a pedophile.

  17. Susan on the Left Coast says:

    Heads up: other Assistant District Attorneys who worked with Moore have publicly stated it was common knowledge he “dated” school girls and also that stalked them in malls and at schools….the one who made a statement said “we thought it was weird.”

  18. As my other favorite Houston blogger, Adventus (rmadisonj)writing with blogspot pointed out today, we used to call these guys yellow dog democrats. They’d support a yellow dog running for office as long as it was a democrat (or at least not from the opposing party) . Of course these folks are all now republicans.

  19. Again – the polygraph! If he refuses, its over for him. Especially if the women take a poly and it turns out OK. As for the Old Boy Network (the ADA’s), they should get their damn hands slapped good for withholding. Will be waiting to see which newspaper goes after them for the “rest of the story.”

  20. Debbo, you deserve a response to your request. I would hope that my response is unequivocal. If it isn’t please assist me in shoring it up, as I very much respect your comment history. Here goes:

    Men, the rules have not changed. Women and girls have always deserved to be treated with respect. Anything less ranges between unwanted attention (harassment) and significant degrees of legally defined assault.

    What has changed is the nonsense that “boys will be boys” and other nonsensical acceptance of your sorry excuses for your unacceptable behaviors. Sorry about your luck fellas, but the time has come for you to recognize and own your own past behavior(s) when you were wrong. And no, mere apologies don’t cut it. For dawg’s sake not only stop doing those things, address others when you know what is happening is wrong.

    Stand up as husbands, sons, brothers and fathers. Particularly as fathers, model the behavior and respect your sons should demonstrate toward women.

  21. Ellen Childress says:

    My upbringing in the south was undoubtedly a bit different from these folks. I am 75 years old now. If my father had learned that any man from family members to strangers had approached me sexually when I was under the age of consent, he would have removed the Colt 45 from under his pillow, found the old boy, and shot him where it counted. No one would ever have known because back then the injured fellow would have been mortified for anyone to find out why he had been shot.
    But, as my mother would have said, white trash is white trash, and a lot of such things probably went on then as now.
    The difference today is disgusting. I can’t watch Comedy Central without hearing about everyone’s penis or vagina or how they come together. Genitalia appear to be the subject of everything from stand up comedy to partisan politics. It’s apparently on the public’s collective mind all day every day.

  22. Linda Phipps says:

    Jane and PKM: about pointing the finger. I had a teacher many years ago who said that when you point a finger at someone, you are pointing three back at yourself.

  23. @Jane & PKM

    +1. Well said.

  24. A couple of points:
    First, as to McTurtle wiping the smile off his face – – IS that grimace a smile? Every time I see it [not just during this mess, but EVERY DAMN TIME] I note the fact that his eyes never seem to get the memo. I refuse to trust someone whose eyes aren’t smiling when the rest of the face is pretending to do so.

    And second: I believe it was Susan B. Anthony who said, “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice that it always coincides with their own desires.”

    I’m betting that Moore has convinced himself that God always wants him to do whatever he does. So he always gives himself a free pass to do whatever he pleases. And how convenient is that?