Stay Out Of Damn Chatrooms

February 04, 2016

Okay, if you need further proof that you should never say anything on the internet that you don’t want your momma reading on the front page of the newspaper, Texas Republican Representative Jonathan Stickland has spent the past 16 years being a good example of that.

Now this ain’t the first time you’ve heard of Stickland around here at the beauty salon.  He’s threatened fist fights over abortion and refers to himself as “a former fetus.”  After getting caught admitting that he enjoys marijuana, he claimed that God saved him from the evil weed.

images-11And he’s just a dandy specimen of desirable maleness.  Humm … is that a gun in your pocket or … crap, I do not want to know.

Well, his Republican opponent, a preacher man, has taken Stickland to ask for being a pathetic boy on the internet machine.

“His comments are ranging from obscene racist comments to obscene sexual comments,” Fisher said. “I think if the voters of this district had known these things about Jonathan when he ran the first time, they wouldn’t have elected him. They are very offensive statements. How many times do you have to say ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘I’m sorry?'”

Stickland has already offered one apology for telling a fellow fantasy football site member that “rape is non existent in marriage, take what you want my friend!” in response to a 2008 request for sex advice on the forum.

Stockland’s response is that he got “saved” from all this.  The problem is, he might have quit saying stuff like that but his cocky attitude and desperate need for attention was sadly overlooked by the good Lord.

Stockland’s supports say that his opponent is the one in the wrong.

Julie McCarty — president and founder of the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party who initially recruited Stickland to run for office — has continued to throw her efforts behind his re-election campaign.

She has also criticized Fisher for “attacking a brother in Christ for his past sins.”

So getting saved is kinda like a Get Out Of Jail Free Card.

I guess he could be like Tom DeLay and get born again again again a few times.

Thanks to Sam for the heads up.

Please, I’m Begging You

February 04, 2016

Y’all, ya just gotta feel kinda bad for Jeb! nowadays.

I mean, he left Iowa limping and ain’t gotten any better.

He went on to New Hampshire and says our next President “should be a lot quieter” but insisted on talking anyway.

Most people wished he hadn’t.  So, you know …



That was painful.  It does, however, rank second to “Please stop throwing tomatoes,” which I suspect is what comes next.

Remind me again – which brother is the smart one?

Thanks to Ed for the heads up.

I’m Stumped and Baffled and Some Other Stuff

February 03, 2016

Today I learned that Donald J. Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Yeah, the same Donald Trump who has insulted every race other than OWL (Old White Loser).  Yeah, the same Donald Trump who instructs his followers to commit acts of violence against people at his rallies who disagree with him.

Peace Prize.  Damn.

Verdelia says she’s never been nominated and she’s a lot more peaceful than Donald Trump.  Well, except for that time she shot her second husband.  In her defense, he was asking for it. I mean, there’s only so much dirty tee-shirt on the couch belching that a woman can endure. And it wasn’t like she didn’t warn him every day for two weeks. She did. He didn’t.  Shame on ’em.

So, I looked up how this happens.

But a nomination and a prize are not the same. The Nobel committees invite thousands of people every year to nominate peace prize recipients. Hundreds of candidates normally reach the desk of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Okay that makes me feel a little better.  Hell, I don’t suspect any of my friends know the address of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which explains why I have been inadvertently snubbed for this award.

But here’s what baffles me.  The article goes on to say …

… and previous nominees have included Russian President Vladimir Putin, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, and U2 singer Bono.

Okay, so get irony.  I mean it’s kinda funny to compare Donald Trump to Putin and Stalin.  But Bono?  What the dickens did Bono ever do to get compared to Putin, Stalin, and worst of all – Donald Trump? Best I know, Bono is a nice person.

That just baffles me.

I bet Bono is pissed-off, Honey.  Hell, Verdelia is pissed off and she doesn’t even know who Bono is.

Thanks to Bryan for the head up.

Well, This Just Seems Odd

February 03, 2016

CNN Breaking News, Bygawd!

Rand Paul, the libertarian-minded freshman senator who was once viewed as a formidable presidential contender, is suspending his White House bid on Wednesday, several sources close to Paul told CNN.

Who?  Remind me which one that was.


He’s Back ….

February 03, 2016

Do you remember that national, reasonable, humble Donald Trump on the Iowa election night?

They got him off the Valium, Honey.  He’s back.

“Iowa caucus-goers were treated to a new Donald Trump on Monday night. The celebrity billionaire, after finishing second in the GOP caucus, gave a gracious speech, congratulating his rivals and looking ahead to next week’s primary in New Hampshire.”

“By Tuesday morning, the old Donald was back. Mr. Trump unleashed a five-tweet rant, criticizing the media for not accurately covering his second-place finish and blaming voters for not properly appreciating how much money he has poured into his campaign.”

Yeah, I missed the old Donald.




Very Cool

February 02, 2016

Today Republicans voted for the 60th time to repeal Obamacare because, you know, if they do it enough times maybe somebody will slip up and vote wrong.

They repeat the same thing over and over just like the movie Groundhog Day.  Except today really is groundhog day.

That’s a very cool scientific fact.