Bless His Heart

September 02, 2015

Pretty soon I won’t have Rick Perry to kick around any more and damn I’m sad about that.

Key players in Rick Perry’s campaign are starting to see the writing on the wall spelling doom to the former Texas governor’s presidential prospects.

The Perry campaign’s New Hampshire political director Dante Vitagliano became the latest staffer to step down after he announced late Tuesday that he plans to join Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s team instead.

It seems the only news Perry’s campaign is generating these days has been a series of unflattering headlines about staffers defecting to competing campaigns.


You wanna know whoo else is heartbroken about this?  Anita Perry.  This means Rick is coming back home.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

Fun With Guns: Unattempted Suicide

September 02, 2015

Deleon Smith, who lives right here in Texas, was taking selfies to post online to show what a cool dude he is, being as how he has a gun and all.

He, of course, shot himself.  He died.

The victim’s family told CBS Houston affiliate KHOU-TV that Smith is survived by two young daughters and that he was a fun-loving person.


Thanks to Irene for the heads up.

Me Tarzan. You Not.

September 02, 2015

Okay, let’s head on down to that bastion of enlightenment, Perryville, Missouri.

The school board was meeting in closed session when board member Mark Gremaud didn’t agree with board member Nancy Voelker and expressed his disagreement by saying, “Kathy, you are just a woman, the only thing you know is laying on your back with your legs in the air splayed.”

Apparently board member Gremaud prefers the missionary position.  Despite that …

The council voted 4-3 to censure Gremaud, and also requested that he resign from his position.

Here’s the deal.


The 2015 Board of Education The 2015-16 Board of Education includes (from left) Rick Francis, Scott Hotop, Jeff Weibrecht, Nancy Voelker, Kathy Carron, Mark Gremaud and Kevin Bachmann.

Okay, so now you gotta wonder which three think it’s pretty much okay that one school board member speak to another school board member about preferred sexual positions and her role in that.  I’m figuring the guy speaking is one of them.  I’m going the with guy with the creepy grin second from the left and the guy on the end with the weird beard.

Thanks to Marge for the heads up.  








Okay, So Maybe They Should Have Asked for Beer Cans Instead

September 02, 2015

It appears that County Clerk Kim Davis ain’t gonna get rich off this stunt.

Too damn bad they won’t let you donate two cents.

And if she had any hopes for a stylist at her next wedding, she can count that out, too.

When We Said Fall, We Didn’t Mean Your Pants

September 02, 2015

Well my goodness, it’s uptight Republican sex week.

In Minnesota, two Republican lawmakers were caught making out in the public park.  Well, Making out isn’t exactly right.  They were at second base when a policeman found them.



It says, “Was making out with female in car.  When I approached the car the female’s pants were unzipped and pulled down.”

State representatives Tim Kelly and Tara Mack deny they were doing the nasty.

Kelly said he met with Mack on his way through town to pick up some documents regarding an Owatonna-based health plan.

However, the sheriff is standing by his deputy.

Leslie said the deputy was simply enforcing the county ordinance in a well-trafficked park.

“We have families and children running around, so we just want to have some decorum there,” he said Tuesday afternoon.

And then there’s old coot stuff.

Aladamnbama Governor, 72 year old Robert Bentley, who is mouth drooling anti-gay, found some Viagra and got caught by his wife of 50 years sparkin’ with a 42 year old married mother of three.

The 72-year-old Bentley, a Republican serving in his second term, repeatedly has touted his Christian faith and conservative “family values” to attract voters. He long has served as a deacon at First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa. Bentley made national headlines in 2011 when, shortly after his inauguration, he said, “”Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister. And I want to be your brother.”

And by brother, he meant lover.

Somebody stick a fork in him.  He”s done.

Thanks to Brian and Ralph for the heads up.


September 01, 2015

Today …

– an officer was shot and killed outside Chicago,

– Two brothers are dead from an accidental shooting followed by a suicide in Louisiana,

– video was released showing cops killing a man with his hands in the air in San Antonio,

– someone has shot at passing cars 4 times in Phoenix,

– and police shot one of their own and a citizen when they raided the wrong house.

Edited at 5:10 pm – a Houston teenager killed himself while posing on social media with a gun.

Notice anything in common?

Thanks to Jolyn for the heads up.