Padding Your Resume the Ivanka Way

April 25, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

The new State Department spokeswoman is Heather Nauert of Fox and Friends fame.

If I didn’t think he’s probably Dick Cheney with better hair, I’d feel real bad for Rex Tillerson.  It’s obvious that they are not letting him run the State Department and now they named his spokeswoman based on her amazing foreign policy experience ….

During the controversy over Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, Nauert tweeted out her support for the brand in spite of “liberal pressure,” and included a photograph of herself wearing the brand’s items.

Well, I guess I’m being harsh. Ivanka’s clothing line is made in some foreign place, so that counts.

Thanks to Rudie for the heads up.

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9 Comments to “Padding Your Resume the Ivanka Way”

  1. Guess Rump forgot to tell his daughter that he wants “åmerican made; made by Americans”. Hypocrites and greedy liars, all of

  2. Jane & PKM says:

    If Donnie were a serious pontiff, uh, pre … sorry. Still can’t say that word in the same sentence as Donnie. Anyway, so many choices, yet Heather Nauert he selects. Then again, she ‘fits’ with the rest of his incompetent administration.

  3. Yizit that Fluffy always gets first crack at jobs like this? And how long will she last? Anyone want to place bets on this?

  4. I think Orange Whore has picked another target for his tiny hands to grab.

  5. “Heather’s… long interest in international affairs

    Yes, but what kind? There’s so many ways to read that. Does she read about scandalous affairs between citizens of different nations in People International Magazine?

  6. Can she put a noun, a verb, and the phrase “biased mainstream media” together to form a complete sentence? She’s hired!

    Meanwhile, apparently, you have to be able to put together sentences in Romanian to get a job at Mar-A-Lago:

    How do you say “I know a guy back home who can launder large amounts of US dollars” in Romanian?

  7. Jack Patterson says:

    Read some of her Faux News comments (slanderous) about Muslims. They are not bad but horrible. I never watch fox and was horrified at some of the things she said on air. Forget where I read it though. Damn, oops, I’ll keep looking.

  8. Old Mayfly says:

    How to get rich the Trump way:

    Rule 1–Exploit the vulnerable. Hire (or, if necessary Import and hire) illegal aliens. Pay them less than the legal minimum wage (who are they going to complain to?) Forget safety rules and equipment.(So they are inhaling asbestos, etc. So, what?)

    Rule 2–Pay bribes when necessary though it is cheaper in the long run to own your own officials.

    There is more, but you get the drift.

  9. @Old Mayfly, I’ll add Rule 3 – Call Immigration when an illegal alien works a lot of overtime and wants to get paid. That happens a lot on big construction jobs.