Outrage over Julius Caesar; but Wait…

June 12, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Sumbitches, Trump

It’s been all over the news this weekend.  Shakespeare in the Park is presenting a new version of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, with the Roman ruler looking almost identical to Trump, complete with idiotic combover and 3 foot long red tie.  As in the original script, his is violently dispatched in the middle of the play.  Cue the outrage in 3-2-1…it came spewing out of every pore of the right wing noise machine, and DJT Jr. even chimed in on The Twitter, asking if taxpayer money was used to fund the production.  The furor was so fervent that sponsors, Delta Airlines and Bank of America caved and pulled funding, afraid to offend Trumpists.

But, THAT, of course, is not the only modern version of Julius Caesar performed in

Guthrie Theater, Dowling Studios

recent years.  In 2012, director Rob Melrose produced a version with an Obama lookalike as the famed Caesar.  It was also performed in New York by the Acting Company.  And yes, that Caesar was also violently dispatched in mid play.
The difference between 2012 and 2017?  The noise machine is now going nuts when in the previous production we heard nothing but crickets.  “Thine hypocrisy will be thy downfall.”

Or something like that.

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13 Comments to “Outrage over Julius Caesar; but Wait…”

  1. Trying to view your web site. The text is coverred by the faux leopard background. Can’t even find link to email. Using Opera and Chrome browsers on a Samsung tablet.

  2. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    Do me a favor and try to hit the title of a couple of them. That should work on all but El Jeff’s.

  3. RepubAnon says:

    Broken on Safari (iPhone) as well

  4. Sandridge says:

    (webpage is/was OK on Win10 desktop w/Opera)
    The 2017 play is sacrilegious. Julius Caesar was a truly great man, a genius, a brilliant leader, thinker, author.
    Trump is the opposite of all that, and anything else of positive worth (not saying Caesar was necessarily a “good guy”).
    I still remember reading Julius Caesar’s most interesting “Commentaries” while translating them from the Latin for two or three years in high school.
    I guarandamntee y’all that nobody will understand nor give a flyin’ ratsass about Trump’s tweets and incoherent blustering twenty years from now, let alone two thousand years later.

  5. OldMayfly says:

    Yeah, what Sandridge said. Trump vs. Caesar = Goodbye Trump.

  6. (Webpage OK with Safari on a Mac.)

    Nauseating headline: “Thank you for the Blessing.’ Cabinet takes turns lavishing Trump with praise.”

    I get the impression he was standing on the table with his pants down and his ass toward the door as they filed in. Y’all might want some paper towels to wipe off your noses. And you were all chosen for exactly that display of butt-kissing.

  7. OldMayfly says:

    Our (Liberal) great advantage is that extreme right-wingers, and also corporatists like Trump have no (non–nada–zero) sense of humor.

    Our great advantage is that anti-liberals, fascists, right-wingers, etc. have no sense of humor.


  8. Hell this is greatness. My little bride and I are going the first week of July if we can make necessary arrangements.

  9. Tilphousia says:

    What a gaggle of whining hypocrites the right wingers are! And of course, they are extra loud when whining. They all need a trip to grandpa’s woodshed to teach them some manners and backbone. And shame, shame on BoA and Delta. Corporate cowards. Afraid to offend the mangled apricot hellbeast. And to you Donald Trump Jr. you keep your big mouth shut about taxpayer dollars. You and your corrupt
    family squander more taxpayer dollars than any administration in modern history. You are a whining brat just like daddy. All of your family are cheap con artists who deserve long prison terms.

  10. charles phillips says:

    Remember, IOKIYAR!

  11. AliceBeth says:

    But Obama was not working for corporations and he was Black so they saw no problem with offing him on stage.

    Bunch of damn hypocrites.

  12. If IQ tests existed way back when, Julius is estimated to have been off the charts. The man could keep three scribes busy while composing three different messages at the same time and never getting them wrong. Also, consider the languages this guy had to know. Not just Latin, but enough Greek to use when speaking to the Senate, and enough of whatever language of where ever country he was currently in. Trump can’t hold a lit match to this guy let alone a candle.

  13. Rastybob says:

    Its OK to off a black guy.–Ask our AG.