One week from Friday

January 11, 2017 By: Primo EncarnaciĆ³n Category: Uncategorized

With apologies to the New Yorker for re-purposing the artwork:

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10 Comments to “One week from Friday”

  1. Actually, wonder how Roberts is going to handle this? Remember how he flubbed Obama the first time around?

  2. fran Seyer says:

    On so many levels…..good grief.

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    Knowing Donnie, he’ll substitute a copy of his book to be sworn. While Roberts’ carefully hidden seizure disorder becomes instantly public.

  4. Seriously, thought. there is just so much anybody can take, including the Chief Justice of the United States. My bet he whacks Cj in the head with the bible!

  5. JAKvirginia says:

    He’ll use a Gideon from one of his hotels. Red “leather”, heavily gold embossed. With TRUMP logo, of course. On sale in the lobby of his DeeCee franchise. Signed copies available at a premium.

  6. I’m not going to watch because it’s just too nationally offensive. Urp.

  7. AliceBeth says:

    I will have to count on the wonderful people here and on the other media to tell me what happens on Jan 20. I got several good books for Christmas, there are movies I have not seen. I would rather clean toilets and scrub floors. I may drink some. I will not be watching.

  8. Jane & PKM says:

    AliceBeth and others, we have better things to do later this month. We can support the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and Earthjustice while enjoying excellent entertainment.

  9. Jane & PKM, thanks for the link, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was fun watching the Faux Noise people throw their own little hissy about the big telethon in CA. The mega tantrum will, of course, come from the cocksplat at the suggestion that he may not be the center of everyone’s rapt and adoring attention.

  10. WA Skeptic says:

    I wonder if he’s going to take the Oath of Office with his fingers crossed?

    I’m going to have to clean toilets or something on the 20th.